Elon Musk deletes his Facebook page as well as those of SpaceX and Tesla

(NEW YORK) -- Elon Musk has deleted his Facebook page as well as the Facebook pages of the companies he founded -- Tesla and SpaceX -- in response to the #DeleteFacebook boycott.

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Businesses offer discounts to student March for Our Lives participants

(WASHINGTON) -- As thousands plan to attend the rally for gun conrol in Washington D.C. this Saturday, several businesses are backing participants of the "March for Our Lives" movement by offering special deals and promotions.

While the st... Read More

Running a food truck is way harder than it looks, study finds

(NEW YORK) -- With the warm weather, food trucks are springing up all over -- and not just the taco trucks of old.

A new generation of gourmet food trucks is bringing ethnic cuisines to young urban dwellers, revitalizing neighborhoods and ... Read More

Mark Zuckerberg acknowledges 'mistakes' made in privacy scandal

(NEW YORK) --  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has responded to the privacy concerns raised after it was revealed that data used by analytics firm Cambridge Analytica was accessed without consent.

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Some of the companies that are working on driverless car technology

(NEW YORK) -- Many tech pioneers of Silicon Valley are dipping their toes into the world of driverless car technology.

Some of the 52 different companies that have been approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles to test autonomous... Read More

US stocks rebound, Facebook continues to tumble

(NEW YORK) -- U.S. stocks rebounded after Monday's tech sell-off, but Facebook continued to tumble amid a data scandal.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 116.36 (+0.47 percent) to finish the session at 24,727.27.

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Weinstein Company files for bankruptcy, cancels non-disclosure agreements

(NEW YORK) -- The Weinstein Company announced that it has filed for bankruptcy and is ending all non-disclosure agreements that have prevented victims of alleged sexual misconduct by disgraced co-founder Harvey Weinstein from speaking out publicly.Read More

'The Crown' producers apologize for pay gap between male and female leads

(LONDON) -- News broke last week that Claire Foy, who plays Queen Elizabeth in Netflix's "The Crown," was making a less-than-queenly salary when compared to her co-star Matt Smith, who plays Prince Philip.

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United Airlines suspends program for pets flying in cargo compartments

(NEW YORK) -- A week after a string of incidents involving pets aboard its planes, United Airlines announced Tuesday that it will stop taking new reservations for pets required to fly in aircraft cargo compartments.

PetSafe, United’... Read More

Congress turns up heat on Facebook after allegations of data harvesting

(WASHINGTON) -- Congress is ratcheting up political pressure on Facebook after reports that a political data analytics firm employed by President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign received personal data and information from up to 50 million profiles... Read More

Trump bans Americans from investing in Venezuelan cryptocurrency

(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump signed an executive order that prohibits Americans from dealing in any form of digital currency from Venezuela on Monday, a day before that country's launch of a state-owned cryptocurrency called the "petro."Read More