DNA tests prompt a family reunion 52 years in the making

(SAN DIEGO) --  In September, 2017, an Ohio woman named Erin Chatterton who never knew her biological parents received a birthday gift from her daughter and husband -- an AncestryDNA kit – and took the test.

Last spring, halfway acr... Read More

Veteran's border wall fundraiser falls apart as GoFundMe says $20M will be refunded

(NEW YORK) -- Turns out an Air Force veteran is having just as much trouble funding a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico as President Donald Trump.

GoFundMe said on Friday it will refund over $20 million in donations to a campaign sta... Read More

Megyn Kelly, NBC come to agreement on exit after controversial tenure

(NEW YORK) -- Megyn Kelly's rocky tenure at NBC is over.

Kelly, a former Fox News host, joined the network in 2017 on a large deal and in three marquee roles. She hosted a daytime talk show, started a Sunday night news show and was to be f... Read More

Air traffic controllers suing Trump administration over missed pay during shutdown

(WASHINGTON) --The National Air Traffic Controllers Association is suing the Trump administration on behalf of the thousands of members of their union that have not been paid during the protracted showdown over border wall funding between the preside... Read More

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launches 10 communications satellites

(NEW YORK) -- Using its Falcon 9 rocket, SpaceX on Friday launched the final group of next generation communication satellites, known as Iridium NEXT, completing a decade-long project.

The 10 satellites, which are part of a 75-piece conste... Read More

Today is payday -- but not for hundreds of thousands of government workers

(WASHINGTON) -- Friday is payday for many Americans, but not for hundreds of thousands of federal workers affected by the government shutdown. They're missing their first paychecks as Congress and President Donald Trump continue feuding over whether ... Read More

You can now rent the $1,300 bassinet that some parents swear by

(NEW YORK) -- Parents longing to afford what some consider the holy grail of infant sleepers -- which claims to calm fussy babies so they and their parents can sleep -- can now rent it from the company at a fraction of the price.

The SNOO,... Read More

Fiat-Chrysler could pay $800 million in emissions cheating settlement

(WASHINGTON) -- Fiat-Chrysler could pay more than $800 million in fines and settlements, the administration announced Thursday, after allegations that the automaker used illegal software to circumvent laboratory emissions inspections on 100,000 diese... Read More

'Infants at work' program at Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa lets babies come to the office

(NEW YORK) -- Moms who work outside the home are in a constant struggle between being present in their careers and being present with their kids.

For the new moms employed by the Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa, that struggle has been far less... Read More

Government shutdown: Workers face their first missing paychecks Friday

(WASHINGTON) -- The ongoing government shutdown is about to turn into the longest one in U.S. history, and that's raising questions about what will happen next.

By Friday, most of about 800,000 federal workers are expected to have missed t... Read More

Feminist city guides shine spotlight on women-owned businesses around the world

(NEW YORK) -- For female travelers looking to support women-owned businesses, a new travel magazine and website has put together "feminist city guides" for 20 destinations around the world.

Unearth Women has published two print is... Read More

Source: Fiat-Chrysler to pay more than $300 million in emissions cheating settlement

(NEW YORK) -- The Department of Justice is expected to announce a major settlement with Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles on Thursday, resolving allegations that the automaker used illegal software to circumvent laboratory emissions inspections on 100,000 di... Read More

Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie splitting after 25 years

(NEW YORK) -- Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that he and his wife of 25 years are divorcing.

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos have been married since 1993 and issued an amicable joint statement announcing their decision Wednesday. The couple has ... Read More

New York City mayor proposes law giving all workers 2 weeks of paid time off

(NEW YORK) -- New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced legislation today guaranteeing two weeks of paid time off for all workers.

If de Blasio's proposal is approved by the City Council, New York City would become the first and only Am... Read More