10-year-old girl born without hands wins national handwriting competition: 'It shows what perseverance and a positive attitude can do'

(NEW YORK) -- A 10-year-old girl born with no hands is this year's winner of a national handwriting competition.

Sara Hinesley, a third-grade student in Maryland, won the Nicholas Maxim Awa... Read More

What to know about rising Sober Curious movement

(NEW YORK) -- A so-called Sober Curious movement that's been gaining in popularity focuses on eliminating alcohol for health, sleep and wellness reasons, and its founder encourages people to participate by asking them to imagine "what it's like to li... Read More

NYC issues $1,000 fines for refusing to get measles vaccinations

(NEW YORK) -- New York City followed through on its threat to fine people who refused to get measles vaccines on Thursday.

The city's health department issued civil summons to three people a week after issuing an emergency order requiring ... Read More

Study: 23andMe gene test might falsely reassure some people of breast cancer risk

(NEW YORK) -- Since 2010, 23andMe has charged people to test themselves for potentially harmful gene mutations, such as those in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, which, when mutated, can dramatically increase a person’s risk for developing breast or ... Read More

Eleven labor and delivery nurses pregnant at Ohio hospital

(DAYTON, Ohio) -- Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, is about to turn it up to 11.

Eleven nurses in the hospital's labor and delivery unit are pregnant at the same time.

The due dates for the nurses, one a gestational carrie... Read More

Beyonce opens up about pregnancy complications with twins

(NEW YORK) -- Along with footage of rehearsals, intimate family moments and reflections on her 2018 monumental Coachella performance, Beyoncé opened up about a very personal aspect of her health in her new documentary.

The 23-time G... Read More

Washington state pushes to take away vaccination exemptions amid measles outbreak

(SEATTLE) -- After 74 confirmed cases of measles, Washington state politicians are taking action.

The state Senate has passed a bill that, if enacted, would revoke the state's vaccination exemption for those who have a personal or philosop... Read More

Nina Garcia opens up about her preventative double mastectomy

(NEW YORK) -- Fashion maven Nina Garcia, the editor-in-chief of Elle magazine and a judge on Project Runway opened up about her decision to undergo a preventative double mastectomy earlier this year, saying she felt in her industry ... Read More

'Patient zero' of Michigan measles outbreak thought he was immune: Doctor

(NEW YORK) -- The man who is believed to have brought the ongoing measles outbreak to Michigan thought he was immune to the disease, according to a doctor who spoke with him.

The man, who remains unidentified but is believed to be "patient... Read More

Infants cured of 'bubble boy' immune disease with experimental gene therapy

(NEW YORK) -- “Cure” is an elusive word, but it’s exactly what researchers at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital are calling their treatment for the most common form of severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), a group of ra... Read More

60 arrested across 5 states in 'Appalachia' opioid takedown

(WASHINGTON) -- The Justice Department announced Wednesday that 60 people across five states, i... Read More