Get vacation confident with this high-intensity, at-home workout

(NEW YORK) -- Christiana Bau, a 29-year-old graphics coordinator in New York City, is readying for an upcoming, adventure-filled vacation. But she needs help building up her endurance to keep up with all the activities.

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Getting wedding fit: Celebrity trainer shares tips, moves for brides-to-be

(NEW YORK) -- Lanie Parr is getting ready for her upcoming wedding in June.

"I’m looking mostly forward to feeling good, looking good," Parr, a 29-year-old New York City resident, said. "I want to lean out. I’m actually looking... Read More

New to the gym? Trainer shares three tips for first-time gym-goers

(NEW YORK) -- Brooke Cutler was relying on group fitness classes because she did not feel confident training at the gym by herself.

"It’s definitely intimidating for me coming into a gym and having no idea what [I'm] doing, being aro... Read More

Costs of lifesaving drugs rising faster than inflation: Study


(NEW YORK) -- Prescription drug prices are rising much faster than inflation rates in the United States, and patients who need life-saving medications are suffering the consequences – sometimes fatally.

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Mom learns foster baby is her adopted son's sister, so she adopts her as well

(NEW YORK) -- A single mother received the surprise of her life after discovering that the baby girl she was about to adopt shared the same biological mother as her newly adopted son.

"[Hannah] is the opposite of Grayson," Katie Page of Parker... Read More

Stress, anxiety weigh on government employees as shutdown continues


(PHILADELPHIA) -- The federal government’s partial shutdown is affecting an estimated 800,000 federal employees, many of whom will not be receiving their paychecks this weekend even as they continue to wo... Read More

Norovirus outbreak on Royal Caribbean cruise ship sickens 475 passengers

(NEW YORK) -- The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas cruise ship is cutting its journey short after 475 passengers and crew members have been infected with a norovirus, Royal Caribbean Cruises announced Thursday.

The cruise line initially repor... Read More

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention release real-time flu statistics for the first time

(ATLANTA) -- For the first time ever, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released data about flu cases in the midst of flu season.

The CDC says, so far this flu season, between 6 and 7 million people have gotten sick, with... Read More

How to perfectly answer this 'horrible' 1st date question: Dating expert

(NEW YORK) -- You said yes to a first date with someone you met online! Now what?

Online dating can be a cold experience at first, but expert Matthew Hussey has all the right moves to break the ice once you meet for the first time IRL.
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Study: Americans are not having enough babies to replace themselves

(NEW YORK) -- The country's fertility rate has hit a 30-year low and Americans are not having enough babies to replace themselves, a new National Vital Statistics report published on Thursday has found.

The nation's total fertility rate wa... Read More

Bust resolution excuses with this nine-move, at-home workout

(NEW YORK) -- If your 2019 resolution to make it to the gym has fallen by the wayside, here is the excuse-busting workout you need.

Lacey Stone, a trainer on E!'s Revenge Body, has an at-home workout that can be done as you watch ... Read More

Terrible at New Year's resolutions? Try monthly micro-resolutions

(NEW YORK) -- If you've already quit your New Year's resolutions, you're not alone. But what if there was another way to help you accomplish your goals?

ABC News' Blair Shiff explains below, in her own words:

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Meningitis warning follows man's death days after Facebook video at police station

(PATERSON, N.J.) -- The death of a man who broadcast his final conscious moments on Facebook Live from a Paterson, New Jersey, police station has triggered a warning from health officials for anyone who came in contact with him to get examined immedi... Read More

Drug overdose deaths among women ages 30–64 in the US increased by 260 percent: CDC

(ATLANTA) -- As the number of drug overdose deaths continues to rise, the social awareness of the epidemic has as well. Even celebrities are opening about their addiction issues.

The drug epidemic, however, has affected far more people tha... Read More