Mother gives birth, abandons baby in airport bathroom with handwritten note

(TUCSON, Ariz.) -- Authorities are looking for a mother who they believe abandoned her newborn baby at Tucson International Airport with a handwritten note pleading, "I just want what is best for him and it is not me."

The woman, s... Read More

Why you should chat with your doctor about your bucket list

(NEW YORK) -- A “bucket list” could be a roadmap for your doctor.

A new study in the Journal of Palliative Medicine proposes that your bucket list, a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying, can... Read More

Stroke victim fighting for his runaway service dog that woman won't return

(LOS ANGELES) -- When Zeus ran away from his California home over a year ago, David Guindon thought his husky was gone for good. Thanks to a microchip, however, Zeus has been found. But, Guindon says, the woman who has him is refusing to give him bac... Read More

Triplets from 'embryo adventure' turn 6 months old

(NEW YORK) -- A little over a year ago, Mickey and Samantha Clark were moving across Oregon. The couple, who had been undergoing fertility treatments, needed to bring their frozen embryos along to another clinic closer to their new home.

S... Read More

How addicts and their loved ones find 'strength' in online community

(NEW YORK) -- Those with family members struggling with addiction or who have lost loved ones to an overdose have formed a judgment-free haven online where they can openly discuss their issues, creating a vitally important community of support in the... Read More

Moms find support, talk 'bad mommy' guilt in secret Facebook group

(NEW YORK) -- Mothers from across the country are turning to a secret Facebook group to lend support to each other, creating a virtual safe haven where they can "help make someone else's journey a little bit easier with a kind word, a piece of advice... Read More

Trump adviser says ignore flu shots and 'inoculate yourself with the word of God'

(FORT WORTH, Texas) -- A Texas-based evangelist with ties to President Donald Trump came under fire this week after video re-surfaced of her telling followers that they don't need to get a flu shot because "Jesus himself gave us the flu shot."
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What you need to know about the stomach bug plaguing the Olympics

(NEW YORK) -- While the United States contends with one of the worst flu seasons in years, South Korea is grappling with a very different type of virus. Just days before the Olympics Opening Ceremony, 32 cases of norovirus have been confirmed among p... Read More

Nationwide flu outbreak shows no sign of easing up as more deaths reported

(ATLANTA) -- A nationwide flu outbreak is showing no sign of easing up as at least four more deaths have been reported in the past few days, including three children.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta said 14,676 people have ... Read More

Fetal alcohol syndrome in children up to 10 times more common than experts thought

(NEW YORK) -- Experts previously thought that 1 percent of children are affected by the serious, permanent consequences of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).

But they were underestimating it.

A new multisite study released... Read More

House passes rollback of Obama-era menu labeling rules

(WASHINGTON) -- The House passed a bipartisan bill Tuesday that, if passed by the Senate, would roll back regulations requiring how restaurants and other food establishments need to list calorie counts and other nutrition details on menus and website... Read More

How back surgery nearly broke 'What Not to Wear' star Stacy London

(NEW YORK) -- Stacy London made her career out of telling people what not to wear.

Now the star of TLC's What Not to Wear has a warning for fans about what not to do with their money.

In a recent essay for Refinery29, L... Read More

Bald? Have fries with that: McDonald's oil additive reportedly cooks up hair growth

(NEW YORK) -- While "billions and billions" have been served at McDonalds, scientists have discovered a new reason to love the fries from Mickey D's: they can cure baldness.  Reportedly.

Specifically, an additive used to prevent the f... Read More

Everyday noises may cause increased risk of heart disease, experts say

(NEW YORK) -- The jackhammer outside the window, the honking horns -- for many of us, loud noise can be a source of stress or a frequent annoyance.

Heavy road traffic, loud office conversations, live music concerts, noise from construction... Read More