Former Trump adviser Mike Flynn under DoD investigation

(WASHINGTON) -- Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was personally warned by the Pentagon against receiving payments from foreign governments in 2014 after leaving the Defense Intelligence Agency, Rep. Eli... Read More

Trump gives Pentagon authority to set troop levels in Syria and Iraq

(WASHINGTON) -- President Trump has delegated to the Pentagon the authority to set the American military troop levels in Iraq and Syria. The move restores a process that was in place prior to the Bush and Obama administrations and is another sign of ... Read More

Experts weigh in on impact of Trump's tax plan

(WASHINGTON) -- Experts are already taking issue with President Trump's newly-released tax plan -- in particular the White House's claim that economic growth would offset huge losses in government revenue from the proposed corporate tax cuts.
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Senators describe 'long and detailed' White House briefing on North Korea

(WASHINGTON) -- Several Senate Republicans described the full Senate briefing on North Korea at the White House Wednesday as a thorough accounting of the administration's diplomatic and military options when it comes to dealing with Kim Jong Un.
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US commander suggests missile defense in Hawaii amid N. Korea threat

(WASHINGTON) -- North Korea's ballistic missile threats towards the United States may one day match its rhetoric, the top U.S. military commander in the Pacific told a Congressional panel, and to ensure defenses are at their best, he suggested placin... Read More

Congresswomen meet to discuss missing women of color

(WASHINGTON) -- Following last month's spike in social media awareness around potential missing teens in the nation's capital, Congresswomen and law enforcement representatives convened on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to discuss better ways to help the ... Read More

House Freedom Caucus backs amended GOP health care bill

(WASHINGTON) -- The conservative House Freedom Caucus, which stymied recent efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare last month, announced Wednesday that it is backing the GOP health care bill with the inclusion of the MacArthur Amendment.

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Trump suggests he'll take 'sanctuary cities' case to Supreme Court

(WASHINGTON) -- After previous setbacks to his immigration agenda, President Trump on Wednesday criticized a federal judge's ruling Tuesday that the commander-in-chief cannot retaliate against so-called sanctuary cities by withholding funds, suggesti... Read More

Trump invites full Senate to White House for special briefing on North Korea

(WASHINGTON) -- The full Senate is set to make a "field trip" to the White House Wednesday afternoon for a security briefing on the North Korean threat.

The senators were invited at the personal invitation of President Donald Trump after S... Read More

POLL: Views on Russian influence reflect partisan finger-pointing

(NEW YORK) -- It’s a partisan cold war right here at home: A majority of Democrats think now-President Donald Trump’s campaign tried to help Russia influence the 2016 election, while a majority of Republicans think former President Barack... Read More

Five things to know about Melania Trump

(WASHINGTON) -- First lady Melania Trump has maintained a mostly low profile for the first three months of Donald Trump's presidency, choosing to remain in New York with son Barron so as not to disrupt the 11-year-old's schooling.

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