Egyptian TV anchor sentenced to hard labor over interview with gay man

(CAIRO) -- An Egyptian TV host was sentenced to one year of hard labor for interviewing a gay sex worker, a Cairo court ruled Sunday.

Mohamed El-Gheity, a well-known journalist in Egypt who... Read More

United Airlines passengers stranded for hours after plane diversion to Canada

(NEW YORK) -- Passengers on a United Airlines flight were stranded for more than 16 hours, and many had to sleep on the plane, after the jet made an emergency landing to aid a sick passenger.

Flight 179 was traveling from Newark to Hong Ko... Read More

Who is interpreter Marina Gross and will her notes of Trump's Putin meeting be useful?

(WASHINGTON) -- Marina Gross, a State Department interpreter, was the only other American in the room during President Donald Trump's one-on-one meeting with Russian President Putin in Helsinki last summer.

ABC News has learned new details abo... Read More

Duke of Edinburgh reportedly driving without a seat belt days after car accident

(LONDON) -- The Duke of Edinburgh and his driving are back in the British headlines again. Several Sunday papers have splashed photographs of the Queen's 97 year old husband back behind the wheel of a brand-new Land Rover.

The photos appeared ... Read More

Family of American man held in Syria appeals to Trump to intervene

(DAMASCUS, Syria) -- For almost two years, the family of an American man detained in Syria says it has operated quietly, working with the U.S. government and its allies to try to gain information about their husband and father.

But now, in... Read More

How one architect is helping young people remember Beirut's complicated past

(BEIRUT) -- To enter the Beirut nightclub B018, one arrives on what appears to be a helicopter landing pad and descends a staircase to enter the underground music mecca.

The club is located on the spot where 20,000 Palestinian, Kurdish and... Read More

American-born, Iranian journalist held as ‘material witness,’ court documents show

(WASHINGTON) -- The U.S. government on Friday acknowledged for the first time that it secretly arrested an Iranian journalist earlier this week, demanding she testify to a federal grand jury as part of a federal probe that still remains a mystery.Read More

'Sex trainer' who claimed to have information on Trump and Russia arrested in Moscow

(MOSCOW) --  An Instagram model and self-described “sex trainer” from Belarus, who last year drew international attention with unsubstantiated claims to have recordings relevant to the Russian election interference investigation, has... Read More

At age of 82, Silvio Berlusconi announces his return to Italian politics, plans to run in European elections

(ROME) -- Four-time prime minister and octogenarian Silvio Berlusconi, announced his comeback — once again — to Italian politics Thursday.

Speaking at a rally in Sardinia, he said his aim "at the beautiful age that I have" was ... Read More

US soldier dies from wounds suffered in Afghanistan combat

(WASHINGTON) -- A U.S. Army Ranger has died from wounds suffered in an attack in Afghanistan last week, marking the first U.S. military death in Afghanistan this year.

Sgt. Cameron A. Meddock, 26, of Spearman, Texas, died Thursday at the U... Read More

Three Americans killed in bomb blast in northern Syria identified

(WASHINGTON) -- The Pentagon has identified three of the four Americans killed in a bomb blast in Syria on Wednesday, the deadliest day for American forces in Syria since they entered the country in 2015. Three other Americans were injured in the att... Read More