US Army tanks arrive in Poland as Russia begins military drills

(NEW YORK) -- As Russia began large military exercises on its western border, the U.S. Army was unloading tanks in Poland, the first time these military vehicles have arrived directly by sea.

The tanks, which arrived on Wednesday, are part of ... Read More

Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims flee to Bangladesh

(NEW YORK) -- Families fleeing with just the clothes on their backs; tearful children baring famished bellies; the able carrying the injured, the weak, the old -- these are scenes all too familiar in a world with an unprecedented 65.6 million people ... Read More

London police investigating 'incident' at subway station, multiple riders injured

(LONDON) -- London Metropolitan Police are investigating a terror incident after an explosion injured commuters during the height of rush hour inside the Parsons Green station at about 8:20 a.m. local time.

A British government official te... Read More

North Korea launches missile over Japanese airspace, U.S. confirms

(NEW YORK) – For the second time in a month, North Korea has launched a missile over Japanese airspace, U.S. Pacific Command confirmed Thursday evening.

The intermediate range ballistic missile originated from the Sunan, North Korea ... Read More

US citizen fighting for ISIS in Syria surrenders to US-backed forces

(WASHINGTON) - A U.S. citizen fighting for ISIS surrendered to American-backed forces in Syria this week, according to the Pentagon.

The individual, who surrendered to Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on or around September 12th, has since b... Read More

Basi the world's oldest giant panda in captivity dies at 37

(FUZHOU, China) -- The world's oldest captive giant panda Basi has died, her keepers in Fuzhou, southeast China announced Thursday.

"With a heavy heart, we solemnly announce today that giant panda star Basi died at 8:50am at the age of 37,... Read More

Trump to abide by Iran deal for now as pressure builds to stay in

(WASHINGTON) -- The Trump administration has signed off on a new round of waivers of the sanctions against Iran that will keep the U.S. in compliance with the Iran nuclear deal, a senior administration official confirmed, as the president determines ... Read More

Russia starts big war games along its borders, alarming its neighbors

(MOSCOW) -- Russia has begun some of its largest war games along its western borders since the end of the Cold War, stoking fears among its neighbors.

The exercises that Russia is conducting with its Eastern European ally, Belarus, have at... Read More

Secretary Tillerson arrives in London ahead of Libya, North Korea talks

(LONDON) -- Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrived in London on Thursday ahead of a special summit hosted by British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to discuss North Korea and Libya.

Tillerson was greeted by U.S. Ambassador to the United... Read More

Iraqi Kurds prepare for independence referendum that could impact fight against ISIS

(BAGHDAD) -- Over five million Iraqi Kurds are preparing to hold an independence referendum that could have significant consequences for the fight against ISIS. The referendum, scheduled for Sept. 25, will determine if Iraq's Kurdistan region in the ... Read More

Woman arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary at Prince George's London school: Police

(LONDON) -- A 40-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary at the London school attended by Prince George, according to police.

The woman, who was not identified, was taken into custody Wednesday after trying to a... Read More

Tourists say Marriott rescue boat left them behind because they weren’t hotel guests

(ST. THOMAS, U.S. Virgin Islands) -- An evacuation effort organized by Marriott hotels is facing criticism after some American tourists said they were denied entry onto a ferry chartered to help stranded guests in the Caribbean.

The U.S. C... Read More

Trump on new North Korea sanctions: 'Very small step, not a big deal'

(WASHINGTON) -- The State Department on Tuesday praised new sanctions on North Korea passed by the United Nations Security Council, hours after President Donald Trump dismissed them.

"We had a vote yesterday on sanctions," the president said T... Read More

'Firm' response assured by Italy after American women allege rape by policemen in Florence

(NEW YORK) -- The probe into the alleged rape of two American women by members of Italy’s paramilitary police corps continued this week, as the policemen were questioned, DNA testing in the case advanced, and a top Italian official promised a &... Read More