Reclamation will lower Guernsey Reservoir for annual silt run

MILLS, Wyo. - The Wyoming Area Office of the Bureau of Reclamation in Mills, Wyo., will be lowering the water level in Guernsey Reservoir in preparation for the annual silt run. "The silt run is an op... Read More

Erin Fitzgerald Hired to Lead U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance as New CEO

ST LOUIS, Mo., (June 20, 2018) - In its ongoing mission to earn consumer trust in American agriculture, the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance has selected Erin Fitzgerald to lead the organization as its next chief executive officer. Erin Fitzgeral... Read More

USCA President Visits the White House to Talk Trade

(WASHINGTON) - On Friday, June 15th, United States Cattlemen's Association (USCA) President Kenny Graner was invited by Congressman Kevin Cramer (R-North Dakota) to the White House for a meeting with U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. President ... Read More

Racing Against the Rain in Central Kansas

Combines are rolling quickly along the plains as farmers prepare for rains that may stall their harvest progress. Many areas in south central and eastern Kansas have harvested their final acres, but the race against rain is well under way in western,... Read More

Are Your Beans Suddenly Wilting? Seedling Diseases May Be to Blame

With most Midwest soybeans approaching flowering, seedling diseases may be far from growers' minds. But after heavy rains last week, parts of many picture-perfect bean fields are suddenly wilting and shriveling, said University of Illinois plant path... Read More

Meat 2.0? Clean Meat? Spat Shows the Power of Food Wording

NEW YORK (AP) - If meat is grown in a lab without slaughtering animals, what should it be called? That question has yet to be decided by regulators, but for the moment it's pitting animal rights advocates and others against cattle ranchers in a war o... Read More

(Video) Morning Agriculture News Update - June 20, 2018

Susan Littlefield reports on the latest in agriculture news. Story 1: The U.S. House faces a Friday deadline to re-vote on the current farm bill proposal. Story 2: Farm Credit Outlook Shows Prices for Grains to Strengthen Story 3: Secretary Perdue Co... Read More

Give U.S. Wheat Farmers the Freedom to Compete

ARLINGTON, Virginia - The familiar African proverb says that when elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. Unfortunately for America's farmers, that grass is the wheat growing in their fields as the big guys in Washington, D.C., and Beijing esc... Read More

Governor Ricketts, Japan's Consul General Highlight New University-Kewpie Partnership

DAVID CITY - Governor Pete Ricketts and the visiting Consul General of Japan in Chicago, Naoki Ito, toured the Henningsen Foods plant in David City, Nebraska. The visit occurred on the heels of a newly-announced strategic partnership agreement betwe... Read More

Trade War Costly for U.S. Farmers

The trade war between the U.S. and China is proving to be costly to U.S. farmers, just as President Trump announced the intent for further tariffs, escalating the tense state of affairs. University of Illinois agriculture economist Scott Irwin this w... Read More

ASA: Soy Growers in Middle of Tariff Feud with China Stand to Suffer Most

Washington, D.C. June 19, 2018- America's soy growers are lined up even more precisely in the crosshairs of President Trump's contentious tariff confrontation with China. President Trump announced Monday that $200 billion in additional Chinese goods ... Read More