Austen & Angie’s $100 Minute

Austen & Angie are giving you the chance to win $100 every weekday morning at 7:40 with the $100 Minute!

They’ll put 60 seconds on the clock… And if you can answer all 10 questions correct, you’re taking home the money!

If you don’t know the answer, you can pass and they’ll come back to the question, if time permits. And if you get the question wrong, you can go back to it – if there’s still time left after you’ve gone through all the questions.

Fill out the form below and register to play.  Then standby, Austen & Angie will give you a call the day before you play, so you can tell your friends and family to be listening to your big win!



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Austen & Angie’s $100 Minute Rules

Austen & Angie will solicit contestants via website registration and then call them the day before they are scheduled to play.

Contestant will have 60 seconds to answer ten consecutive questions.

Contestant must answer all 10 questions correctly, in 60 seconds to win the $100.

If the contestant answers incorrectly, mispronounces the answer, misspells an answer, or goes over the 60 second time limit, they will be disqualified and the game will end.

Phone connections resulting in difficulty relaying the questions or hearing the answers are not the responsibility of the radio station and may result in disconnect, or the contestant being disqualified.

All callers and players must be 18+ to play and win.

Winner will be subject to all rules and restrictions that apply to winning cash prizes from any Flood Communications station.