Break the Bank

B103, along with Moser’s U-Save Pharmacy in Nebraska City and Cody’s U-Save Pharmacy in Auburn, are breaking into the bank and hooking you up with cold, hard cash with Agrivision Equipment, H&R Block and Commercial State Bank!

Steps to win:

1. Listen for the three number combination throughout each Wednesday during the month of November. You’ll get the first number during The Burn with Hunter, Keith will have the second number in the mid-day and the final number will be given out by Clint in the afternoon.

2. At the end of the day, Clint will ask you to call in and give him the three number combination. If you can give him the combination, in the correct order, you will win $103!

3. Be sure to hold onto the three number combinations each week, because on Wednesday, Nov. 25th, we’re going to ask for the NINE (9) NUMBER combination to our Moser’s U-Save & Cody’s U-Save Vault for your shot to win $1,031!

4. Make sure you announce the combination numbers in order they were given on-air. The correct order means you win. Give the incorrect order, you’ll lose.

* One $103 winner per family during the contest. People who win the $103 are still eligible to win the $1,031. Learn more about our contest rules HERE