Break the Bank

So many gifts to buy this holiday season, so little money to spend! So, B103, Lorton Lounge and Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard are breaking the bank before Black Friday and hooking you up with COLD, HARD CASH!

Listen every Tuesday through the month of November for the three number combination to unlock the safe. Keith, Hunter and Clint will each give out one number throughout the day. During the Drive @ 5, Michael J will ask for the three-numbers in order for you to unlock the safe and win $103! The phone number to call when you hear the call-in-cue is 402-729-3383.

But the winning doesn’t stop there. Be sure to keep track of the three number combinations each week, because on Wednesday, Nov. 22, we will be looking for the nine-number combination at 402-873-3842, in order, to unlock the bank doors and win the GRAND PRIZE of $1,031!

We’re breaking the bank with Lorton Lounge, Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard and River Country’s free money station, Today’s Best Country, B103!

* One $103 winner per family during the contest. People who win the $103 are still eligible to win the $1,031. Learn more about our contest rules HERE