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Jaycees Expect To Feel The Heat At This Year’s Fireworks Show

NEBRASKA CITY – No matter what the air temperature at Steinhart Park, the Nebraska City Jaycee firework show volunteers know they’ll be feeling the heat this year.

The Jaycees’ Laura Liesemeyer told Rotarians Wednesday that ground displays are her personal favorite for the annual show.

Liesemeyer: “It’s always fun to see them light up and then kind of fall apart and see what they come up with.”

The ground displays of the past have had Snoopy fighting the Red Baron, Purple People Eaters and Great Balls of Fire. This year there are five sets of three fiery balls.

Liesemeyer: “Those are probably Gail and Randy and Duane’s favorites because down at the concession stand you can really feel the heat from those.”

The show, which features over 5,000 shells and 14 ground displays is scheduled at dusk on Saturday, June 30, at Steinhart Park. Aerials have grown by about 20 percent over the past three years.

Nebraska City Tourism and  Commerce has also scheduled a carnival Friday through Sunday and the “
Freedom Festival” on Saturday.

Events include a family freedom run at the Old Stone Cabin, Yoga in the Park, family  yard games and corn hole tournament. A beer garden is scheduled noon to midnight.

The Jaycees Ice Cream Social starts at Steinhart Lodge at 6:30 p.m.

The Jaycees are serving hot dog meals and free Henna tattoos at Wild Willy’s Fireworks from 5 to 7 p.m. on June 27.

The city collects firework vendor permits and 75 percent of those funds go to support the fireworks show. The city expects vendor permits to provide $2,400 to the show this year.

Nebraska City Pursues Software For EMS Inventory

NEBRASKA CITY—The Nebraska City City Council approved a computer software agreement with Bound Tree Medical for inventory and narcotics tracking for Nebraska City Fire and Rescue.

Paramedic Manager Andrew Snodgrass said the city already gets it medical supplies form Bound Tree, which also offers the Operative IQ software.

Snodgrass: “The full price of the program is about $5,000 per year. If we go through Bound Tree for the software, they cover 50 percent of that cost so long as we spend at least $28,000 with them on average.

According to their numbers, the last four years, they pulled the numbers for me, we have spent on an average of $33,000 to $35,000 with them a year. That includes disposable inventory, non-disposable inventory, uniforms…they kind of have their hands in a lot of different things.”

Snodgrass also explained the narcotics tracking portion of the program. Currently, he said Nebraska City Fire and Rescue uses pen and paper to keep track of various medications. However, new legislation resulting from the opioid crisis will require better methods of tracking medications.

Total cost for the program with assistance from Bound Tree will be $5,370 for the first year and $2,550 for the second and third years, for a total cost of just over $10,000


Armory Hosting Battle Buddies Auction At Nebraska City

NEBRASKA CITY – The 192nd Military Police Detachment based out of the National Guard Armory in Nebraska City is hosting a welcome home party on June 23 after completing summer training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.

A “Grillin and Chillin” event is scheduled from 3 to 6 p.m. at the armory on Fourth Corso.

A battle buddies auction is also planned. National Guard soldiers are auctioned off to assist or provide labor to local organizations or individuals for a one-day project.

The armory will also be part of the annual citywide garage sales.

Leadership Class 13 Dedicates Information Kiosk

NEBRASKA CITY – Leadership Nebraska City’s Class No. 13 unveiled a new information kiosk Friday just off the Central Avenue sidewalk at the Otoe County Courthouse.

Denise Davis, one of nine class members, said the kiosk is intended to update pedestrians on events, museums and shopping opportunities.

Davis: “We thought, we would like to leave our mark with something that is visually appealing, but practical, giving information, so that’s how we came up with this idea. It floated to the top of the various ones our class considered.”

The project required approval from county commissioners and Leadership Nebraska City Advisory Board. It received financial support from the Kropp Charitable Foundation and Otoe County Visitors Committee.

The first posters contain in kiosk tout the the slogan, “A City So Great They Named A State After It,” the 2018 events calendar and Independence Day activities.

Davis: “There’s just broader awareness, not only by local citizens coming to the courthouse for any of the things we need to come to the courthouse for, but any tourists who are drawn to the building because of the beautiful trees, that there is more of an awareness of what’s happening on a regular basis.”

The class is partnering with Nebraska City Tourism and Commerce to keep the kiosk current.

Davis described the class’ mood at Friday’s ribbon cutting.

Davis: “It’s one of those experiences where you have envisioned something for a while and to finally see it take hold and be concrete, literally.”

Work Orders For Natural Gas Fill Station, Arbor Links Electricity

NEBRASKA CITY — Three Nebraska City Utilities work orders will be among the topics discussed at the next Nebraska City City Council meeting Monday night.

Proposed work orders include a $37,433 project to extend electrical service for five new cottages at Arbor Links Golf Course and a $200,000 order to upgrade the natural gas fill station.

The utility also proposes at $17,997 project to replace 500 feet of galvanized water main near 14th Street and Fourth Avenue.

Also on the city agenda is  the McCoy Construction contract for installation of a new roof on city hall and the fire station.

Commissioners will consider computer software to help emergency medical services personnel track and inventory narcotics, a library digitization project, and a construction management agreement with Southeast Nebraska Economic Development Department for Phase 2 of the city’s Community Development Block Grant projects.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. in the Bill Davis Room of City Hall at 1409 Central Ave.

Keep Nebraska City Beautiful Plans “Plogging” Hour

NEBRASKA CITY – Keep Nebraska City Beautiful has scheduled a “plogging event” on Saturday, June 23.

Patty Coates explains that “plogging” is picking up litter while jogging. She says people can also plog while walking though.

Keep Nebraska City Beautiful is sponsoring the event for the area around Nuckolls Square Park between second and third avenues and 10th and 11th streets from 9 to 10 a.m.

Siren Testing Scheduled Saturday In Nebraska City

NEBRASKA CITY – Otoe County Emergency Management has scheduled a testing of the outdoor emergency sirens in Nebraska City at 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 16.

Deputy Director Steve Cody said the testing is scheduled after there were reports of siren failure after Monday night’s storm.

Cody asks the public living near a siren to call emergency management is the siren does not activate on Saturday.

The test will be canceled if there is a potential for severe weather.

Nebraska City School Board Holds June Meeting

NEBRASKA CITY – The Nebraska City School Board met in regular session Monday.

High School Principal Brian Hoover reported that basketball and volleyball camps are underway, as well as other summer activities at the high school.

The school board members have been busy reviewing current and new state education policies; some policies were combined and rewritten.

Goals for the new school year, which will meet the requirements for the Nebraska Association of School Boards, were discussed at the board retreat.

Several new teachers were approved for the 2018-2019 school year and there are currently a few positions yet to be filled.

Approval was granted for a foreign exchange student from the Netherlands, with the potential capacity for another exchange student by July.

Mayhew Cabin To Host Juneteenth 2018

NEBRASKA CITY  – Mayhew Cabin will host Juneteenth activities from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 23.

Music begins at 11 a.m.  Dr. Tom King of Doane College will do portray President U.S. Grant at 1 p.m. A reading of the governor’s proclamation is at 3 p.m.

Bill Hayes presented on the Nebraska Underground Railroad at the Charles B. Washington Branch Library  in Omaha. On June 9.

Public Art Project Highlights Community Picnic

NEBRASKA CITY – The T.A.R.T. Committee of the Community Prosperity Initiative prepared for Sunday’s first community picnic with about 500 hotdogs and 50 pounds of taco meat and shredded pork, as well as plenty of appreciation.

The idea behind the picnic is that Nebraska City has earned a reputation for hospitality for its visitors and the Tourism, Arts, Recreation and Trails group wanted to put on a free cookout to say thank you to the residents.

Holly McAdams Olson, director of the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, called Sunday’s picnic a success both in terms of the number of people coming out, but for the feeling of community unity.

Jessica Witte, who was a resident and former interim director of the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center For the Arts, led a public art project called Groundswell.

She said Nebraska City is near and dear to her heart because it’s like “art camp” to her.

Witte:”It’s been really great. I’ve had a couple of people thanking me for bringing it here. There’s been some families that stayed. A woman said she had a 14-year-old entertained for an hour and she wants to have schools do this as an activity, for like the end of school to keep the kids busy and  just have them work together on something.

The project started with two separate loads of wood mulch that Witte spread into a wave shape.

Witte: “I usually work with natural materials. I put them directly on the ground and people shift and alter it. It’s about people engaging and actually making the work change by how many people you can get involved.

So a lot of it for me is the interest in how many people we can get involved  and how they can make their own idea happen in the artwork. We have a drone shooting footage to be able to capture as it changes over time. We’re trying to get as many people as possible to add to it.”

For me it’s been really interesting. I had a couple,  Jill and Tim came who are visually impaired, so I helped them add to the drawing as well. I love how inclusive it is.”

The project started with crews dumping two colors of wood mulch and Witte spreading it into a wave.

A drone photographed the changed as residents re-shaped it and added seeds for their own designs.