Early Morning Trivia

Join Keith every weekday morning at 7:10 to figure out the answer to the Early Morning Trivia question!

Answer correctly and you’re getting hooked up with a prize from B103!

* Listeners and their families can only win once every 30 days.


Monday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q: According to a recent survey, this is the most memorable advertising character of all time.

ANSWER: The Jolly Green Giant!

Congratulations to Byron of Henderson, IA!


Tuesday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q: While holiday shopping, close to 15% of us have admitted to doing this. What?

ANSWER: Attempting to get in the wrong vehicle in the parking lot!

Congratulations to Midge of Auburn!


Wednesday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q: A new survey says that 23% of us would not do this over the holidays for any amount of money.

ANSWER:  Give up our seat on a flight!

Congratulations to Betty of Dunbar!


Thursday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q:42% of couples disagree on how to do THIS at home. What is it?

ANSWER: Load the dishwasher!

Congratulations to Shannon of Humboldt!


Friday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q:Experts say Monday is the best day to buy THIS.

ANSWER:  Buy a car!

Congratulations to Jay of Auburn!