Early Morning Trivia

Join us every weekday morning at 7:10 for the Early Morning Trivia question! Your chance to become the smartest person in River Country! Answer correctly and you’re getting hooked up with a prize from B103!

* Listeners and their families can only win once every 30 days.

Monday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q:  A brand new survey is out that reveals 67% of adults miss THIS.

Answer: Their childhood! 

Congratulations to Destiny of Humboldt!


Tuesday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q: A recent survey found that 89% of Americans have one of these in their family.

ANSWER: A sibling!

Congratulations to Rita of Talmage!


Wednesday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q: This is now true in just under half of all marriages.

ANSWER: The wife makes more money than the husband!

Congratulations to Amy of Union!


Thursday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q: Close to 70% of us will eat THIS at least once a week.

ANSWER: Sandwiches!

Congratulations to Sergio of Nemaha!


Friday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Question: People who do this take 50 percent less sick days, than those who don’t. What is it?

Answer: Take cold showers 

Congratulations to Kevin of Moore, OK!