Advent Recital Tunes Nebraska City For Christmas

NEBRASKA CITY- The Christmas season is underway in Nebraska City, where church choirs citywide and musical groups gathered Sunday for the annual Advent Recital.

The Hallelujah Chorus was performed by a mass choir made up of 11 churches and singing groups.

Piano Accompanist Tammy Partsch said the 38th Annual Advent Recital has become woven in the town’s Christmas fabric.

Partsch: “I think it’s because we get most all of the churches in Nebraska City together. It’s very ecumenical. We all sing together. We all worship together. To me that draws us together as a community.”

Choir Director Dean Thomson led the Apple Corps and Belles-A-Peelin’.

Thomson: “The whole thing about music is the way you express your feelings, communication with other people and what better for Advent than that. It has to be right up there on the top just because of that.”

Thomson: “In terms of preparation and all that kind of stuff, that’s a little bit different, but in terms of meaningfulness of a performance this is right up at the top. For me, anyway.”

The Advent Recital was hosted by St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

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