Bob Krist Announces Break Away from GOP, Run for Governor

LINCOLN – On Wednesday morning, Bob Krist made his governor run official at the Nebraska State Capitol.

“We are here to announce that I’m running for governor, and later today, we will return to Omaha, where I will officially change my party to Non-Partisan.”

While an Independent Party decision is still not decided, he did say that he will not run in the Libertarian Party.

Krist stated that the reasoning behind the party switch is that he wants to avoid the “gridlock” between Democrats and Republicans.

As the Republican Senator officially broke away from the GOP, the GOP released a statement saying, “He has flip-flopped so often on what he believes, he hasn’t even been able to choose a party for a ballot.”

Krist announced that his top priorities include property taxes, the prison system and education funding.

To get officially become a candidate for election, Krist needs 5,000 signatures on a petition to be put on the ballot.


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