Fair’s Garden Show Making “Hefty” Progress

SYRACUSE – Officials say Otoe County gardeners improved over last year at the fair’s open class garden show and, for the first time, have weights to prove it.

Judge Duane Novahec of Walton introduced a digital scale this year to help identify the largest vegetables to a tenth of an ounce.

  • Beet, 2 lb 5.2 oz, Duane Hansen, Syracuse
  • Cucumber, 3 lb, 3.6 oz, Elliot Harden, Syracuse
  • Potato, 1 lb, 3.2 oz., Rick Nordhues, Syracuse
  • Onion, 1 lb., 6.2 oz., Duane Hansen, Syracuse
  • Tomato, 2 lb. 2.9 oz., Ike and Hayes West

Hansen’s 80-pound watermelon and 17-pound cabbage exceeded the scale limits, but show director Bob Brandt said Hansen’s scale is trustworthy.

Novahec said rapid temperature changes earlier this spring caused garden problems, including onions that went to bulb too early.

Lincoln experience of low temperature of 43 degrees early in May, but set a record high of 100 degrees on May 26.

Onions weren’t as good and some people are not finding potatoes on their plants, but Novahec says exhibitors at the Otoe County Fair did not seem to be set back any.

There were 20 separate potato exhibits with Rick Nordhues and Charlie Simon of Syracuse winning purple ribbons.

Hansen repeated as the fair’s premier gardener, based on the number of entries and points earned by ribbons.

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