Hurricane Relief Effort Underway In Nebraska City

NEBRASKA CITY – A Hurricane Harvey relief collection is underway in Nebraska City.

El Portal and Home Real Estate are loading a trailer at the restaurant today and Thursday.

The donation is intended for the Houston area, but volunteer Tom Farrell said the exact destination will likely be determined be relief organizers in Texas.

During collections Wednesday afternoon, he said it is great to see the community response.

Farrell: “People want to give and they want to help and I think this really is a great example of how Americans should treat one another.
They don’t really want any thanks. I think their thanks comes from the fact that they are donating for the good of others.”

Brenda Abbott of Otoe brought in bottled water, canned food and cleaning supplies.

Abbott: “I was recently diagnosed with cancer and a lot of people helped me out, so I’m giving back what was passed on to me.”

Brian Volkmer of Nebraska City said he is grateful for an opportunity to give locally. Diapers, paper towels and pet food are among the requested items.


Volkmer: “A lot pictures coming from Houston right now, there’s a lot of animals that probably got away from their owners and are stranded. You would think there are a lot of shelters right now, but they just can’t feed them all right now. They’re not ready for something like that. Yep, donated pet food.”

El Portal is offering a free taco when people drop of their donation at the 11th Street restaurant.



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