My Riverfront Nebraska City Holds ‘Visioning’ Meeting

NEBRASKA CITY – University of Nebraska-Lincoln students joined Nebraska City residents Tuesday to begin a framework for riverfront development.

My Riverfront Nebraska City organized the meeting, where architect Emily Andersen and UN-L Professor Kim Wilson asked participants to talk about their goals for the riverfront, the major obstacles and what are the first, easy steps.

Andersen said the meeting is valuable for creating a plan that not only activates the riverfront, but activates the whole city.

Andersen: “Using the opportunities of recreation, but also just create more space along the riverfront that will open up space for the community to use, to enjoy, and understand this place.”

Participants visioned a simple, peaceful atmosphere where they can commune with nature, as well as a marina for boats, a link with the Steamboat Trace Trail and integration with existing uses.

Wilson: “There’s one lonely card up here. It’s a reality check. We do have to integrate whatever is happening along the river with the functioning industry.”

She said residents said they want a “hot spot” down around the river, where there is food and activities – maybe extending the main street.

Wilson said access to the river and the city’s river attributes is a common theme.

Wilson: “Connection. I think one of the biggest things is you can’t get there from here. And, when you get there, you can’t get to all the things along it.”

Participants also proposed a “rock the dock” party, re-opening Riverview Nature Park and improving visibility from Highway 2.

Wilson: “What about those grain elevators? Is there any way we can get some art on those grain elevators? What do you think about that?”

Wilson said they will create a vision statement embellished with research on environmental justice, racial and social equity and resilient urbanism.

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