Pro-Life Walk Across America Reaches Nebraska City

NEBRASKA CITY – Crossroads Ministry’s pro-life walk across America arrived at Nebraska City on Tuesday.

Mica Braunsroth of Wahoo and Sarah Oltjenbruns started from San Francisco May 19 and finished the trip across Nebraska with smiles.

Braunsroth: “The best. We’re the only two people from Nebraska on our walk. There’s actually two other walks. One started in Seattle and the other one started in Los Angeles and so we’re all meeting in Washington, D.C., Aug. 11.  But we’re the only two Nebraskans on our walk. We were telling everybody that Nebraska is going to be great and everybody agrees that Nebraska has probably been the best week so far.”

They had lunch with Lt. Gov. Mike Foley in Lincoln on Monday, where they explained their motivation for the walk across America.

Braunsroth: “There is a lot of confusion as to the dignity of human life and how exactly we should respect it, so we’re just here as a prayerful witness to promote the pro-life message and to kind of bring back that human dignity that God offers in the gospel. He calls us to respect human life.”

There walk may end at Washington, D.C, but their mission will go on.

Braunsroth: “Walk around Capitol Hill and talk to people just like we’ve been doing this entire time. Just talking with people in Walmart parking lots, at church, wherever they want to approach us – on the streets, anywhere.”

Crossroads organizes the simultaneous pro-life walks each summer, cover almost 10,000 miles through 36 states.

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