Nebraska City Night Managers Fall Prey To Scammers

NEBRASKA CITY – Police Cpt. Lonnie Neeman says Nebraska City restaurants have been the latest victims of a national scam that targets night managers.

Neeman: “Taco Bell restaurant scammed out of thousands of dollars. That was in Benton, Ark. I talked to another police department down in Arkansas where they had investigated the same thing happened on Dec. 17.”

Neeman said the night manager at a Nebraska City restaurant received a phone call  claiming the business is under a confidential investigation.
The caller says the manager must cooperate with an audit to be held the following morning and directs the manager to check  e-mail for further directions. Following those instructions will give the caller access to the restaurant’s funds.

He said the Nebraska City manager loaded the day’s cash onto a pre-paid debit card as directed, but was told that it was not enough. The employee then gave his own debit card information had his account drained of $60.

A similar scam happened at the Taco Johns in Nebraska City weeks earlier.

Capt. Neeman urges businesses to tell employees not to comply with requests from people they do not know.

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