Sheriff Pounds Invites Public, Elected Officials To TBOC Meeting

The public is getting fed up

- Pounds

FALLS CITY – Richardson County Sheriff Don Pounds is inviting government officials and citizens to attend the next meeting of the Take Back Our Community movement.

The group is scheduled to meet at Falls City High School at 7 p.m. on July 17.

Sheriff Pounds said the group began with an informal meeting with a few concerned citizens, but had over 150 people attend the last meeting.

Pounds: “We’ve had a tremendous uprising in thefts and a lot of this is fueled by the rampant drug use and sales that are going on in Richardson County. The public is getting fed up with it and they want to do something about it.”

Bob Witt was among those meeting with the sheriff. He says he hopes to see the chairman of the state Legislature’s judiciary committee at the meeting and says invitations have also been given to local county and district judges.

Sheriff Pounds said the meetings provide opportunity for communications and action.

Pounds: “We try to do an education portion of it and then get the public involved to help us to report suspicious activity that is going on and get the word out there.”

At a recent meeting with the Falls City City Council, TBOC activist Stan Coupe said the group’s mission is not just about locking people up, but about safe neighborhoods.

Sheriff Pounds said he has been amazed by the public response.

Pounds: “We’ve been getting a lot people that are getting into groups, like the Neighborhood Watch program promotes, and driving around their part of the county because they know who belongs out at 2 in the morning and who doesn’t and then they report those things to us. It appears to be helping.”

Take Back Our Community – Falls City

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