Wirth Foundation Supplies Nebraska City’s Safest Ambulance Ever

The safest ambulance we've ever owned

- Snodgrass

NEBRASKA CITY – Nebraska City Paramedic Manager Andrew Snodgrass called the city’s new ambulance an accomplishment for the rescue squad and a testament to the generosity of donors.

He said it replaces the city’s oldest ambulance, a 2009 van-style model.

Snodgrass: “This one is actually going to be the safest ambulance we’ve ever owned. There is a lot of new safety equipment built within it and how it’s designed. Every seat has a harness style seat versus a lot of our older equipment that just has lap belts, so, in the event of a collision, the provider – the paramedic, the EMT – will be much safer.
It should minimize  their injury.

“There are a lot of safety features built from the company. The box is a lot stronger. There’s a lot more beef within it that will withstand a lot more.

“From the patient side of it, all of these safety features come together so the patient is incredibly safe, if we were to take somebody. The mount, where the stretcher mounts, it will hold that patient even in the event of a rollover or anything.

This big thing we had in mind was the safety. That was our main goal with it. To get everyone home safe.”

The unit is powered by a Ford F450 motor on Demers ambulance chassis. It was built in Canada under direction of the Danko Emergency Equipment Co. of Snyder, Neb.

The $236,000 ambulance is funded entirely by donations, including $225,000 from the Wirth Foundation.

Snodgrass: “I’m incredibly proud of this. I’m incredibly proud of the foundations and everything that came together. No tax dollars were used to purchase this. It was all in donations. Everything on it is just modern, it’s new, it’s the latest and greatest, so, hopefully, it will serve this community for a very long time.”

Features also include a hands-free intercom system between the driver and the patient compartment, hydraulic cot lift and cabin camera.

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