Worker Claims Encounter With Ghost Of Eliza Morgan At Dormitory

PERU – A Nebraska City man says he has the evidence to back claims that the spirit of Miss Eliza Morgan is active in the women’s dormitory that has borne her name since 1929 at Peru State College.

The issue rose this year when the popular website Hauntings , featured the dormitory in its haunted places listings for Halloween.

The website says there are reports that the ghost of Miss Morgan haunts the dormitory that houses 150 girls, but said there are no specific details.

Roger Kopf, who was working on a remodeling project of the building in 2003, says he can change that.

Kopf: “I was putting in some plugs in and that by the sink for the girls, so they can plug their curling irons and their blow dryers and all this other stuff in, and I was up there working. I had locked the front door behind me since I didn’t want any unexpected visitors to come wandering through.”

Kopf said he had never had any spooky experiences before in his life, but he was startled as he worked upstairs.

Kopf: “I heard a noise downstairs like furniture or something moving or people walking around. So I went downstairs and I looked around. I didn’t see anything. Everything seemed normal and quiet. So I went back upstairs and went back to work and pretty soon I heard these voices again, like a bunch of people or something.”

He went back downstairs wondering if there was, perhaps, a tour that he had not known about.

On his third trip downstairs, he checked the doors to confirm they all were still locked.

Kopf: “I got an idea. I walked in the lobby, just off the main entrance of Morgan Hall, and I looked up at this huge, old black and white portrait picture of Eliza Morgan, for whom Morgan Hall is named.”

Kopf said Miss Morgan had a stern look, like the Mona Lisa looking down.

Kopf: “I said, Miss Morgan, I’m here working in the dormitory to help your girls out and make life a little nicer for them. I’m not here to hurt them or nothing. I hope that is okay with you. After that I just turned and went back upstairs and I never heard another sound.”

Kopf said it was the first time anything spooky like that had ever happened to him and he continued working on the building through the summer without incident.

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