KCNI Partyline

August 21, 2017

Lost: Electric plug-in for a Homedic chair massage that I purchased at an auction on 8/12. If someone had it in their purchase, I appreciate a call at 308-872-5337. Please leave a message if I’m not at home.

August 18, 2017

Looking For: North Platte Telegraph Aug 9th issue, page A-6, there was an article of Bill Shirkey’s grandson, & “Students Across Nebraska”, call Bill at 872-5440 or 870-3426.

For Sale: Garden produce; Onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, call 872-5532.

For Sale: Rhode Island red roosters, 4-6 mo old, call 872-6380.

Give Away: Cats & kittens; owner passed away this week in Merna, there’s no one to take care of them, and the animals need a new home. The owner’s daughter will be available this weekend at the home until Sunday, at 752 Sommer Ave, Merna if you’re interested in re-homing a cat. Call Sheila at 308-367-7647.

For Sale: Large sweet mild onions, asking $1 per pound, call 872-5488.

August 17, 2017

Give Away: Yellow Lab/Border Collie cross, neutered & shots, and looking for a male duck, call 750-0328.

For Sale: Large sweet onions, mild, no chemicals, call 872-5488.

Give Away: Packing material, boxes, & bubble wrap, call 872-8390.

Looking For: 17-18yr boys to clean a field of debris from the flood, call 870-0568.

Looking For: Chainlink fence for a pet, call 202-0367.

Give Away: King size mattress, always covered in plastic, you must load & haul, call 880-0335.

Looking For: Cab for a straight truck, call 850-0880.

August 16, 2017

Give Away: 4 kittens, call 880-0918.

Looking For: 24 foot enclosed trailer with double axles and walk through door. Please call 308-880-2534.

Give Away: Rollaway bed, call 872-5516.

Found: Calico kitten found near Whoa & Go, please claim or it will be adopted out, call Grassland at 872-6448.

Looking For: Someone to paint on a motorcycle helmet, also looking for someone to convert VHS tapes to DVD, call 870-0801.

Give Away: Kittens, take more than 1 & he may deliver, 870-3366.

August 15, 2017

For Sale: 4th cutting Alfalfa square bales, 60-65# bales. Pickup only just off Hwy 70, 16 miles East of Broken Bow. $6 per bale will be bundled and loader available to load flatbed trailers, call 308-870-2168.

For Sale: Wood pallets, call 872-6006 for more information.

For Sale: Canning jars (Qrts, pints, jelly, gallon) available in the Sargent area. Bring your own boxes. Call 215-0535.

For Sale: 2015 Kosch hydraulic double 9 foot mower $15,000, 1600 Haybuster stackers, Gooseneck chain stack mover $3000, New Holland 56 rake twin hitch $1500, New Holland 85 four bale mover $3000, New Holland 851 round baler $1000, Vicon 8 wheel three-point rake $800, IH 450 with loader $4000, IH 200 (like super C but newer) with Kosch 9 foot belly, mower $3000, IH Super C with IH 24 mower 7 foot bar $2000, F20 tractor with mower $500 (needs some work to get running) Everything is in excellent shape & everything works except F20. Josh Streiff 308-520-9771 preferably early morning or late evening to catch me, call (410) 591-7057.

For Sale:  2016 trios-$70 Black French Copper Marans, $60 Lavender Ameraucana Cross 2016 hens not in trios-$10 Grey Ameraucana $15 Partridge Ameraucana $20 Olive Egg Layer $30 Speckled Sussex 2016 very rare rooster-$30 Jubilee Orpington. He is fertile. 2017 trios-$65 each Mottled Javas, Exchequer Leghorn, Blue Splash Wyandottes, Black, Blue, Blue Splash Orpingtons. 2017 pullets not in trios-$25 Mottled Javas. $25 Golden Lakenvelders $25 Golden Cuckoo Marans $30 Black, Blue Splash Orpingtons
$35 Buff Orpingtons $45 Lavender Orpingtons $15 Lavender Orpington Cross
2017 cockerels not in trios-$10 Lavender Ameraucana Cross Mottled Javas
Black French Copper Maran Cuckoo Maran Black, Blue Splash Orpingtons Blue Wyandottes $5 Welsummers. I would be willing to trade some of the pullets for young currently laying Black Australorps, White Leghorns, or Rhode Island Reds.  Call or text John Day at 402-320-0086. I am located in Miller, NE

August 14, 2017

For Sale: Side by side fridge, ice maker does not work, call 880-2426 or 872-6277.

For Sale: Jamis Allegro Men’s bike, it has a flat tire but otherwise only ridden 1x and in new condition, call 410-591-7057 or mandy.donnelly25@gmail.com. Can provide pics.

Lost: Gray/multi colored kitten, near Cherry Ave, in Broken Bow, call 870-3606.

For Sale: Pint jars, call 872-5595.

August 11, 2017

For Sale:  Maytag dryer, still works, call 870-1806.

Give Away: Egg cartons, call 872-3139.

For Sale: Banty chickens, French lop eared rabbit, w/babies that are French lop/Rex cross, pure Harlequin rabbits, & Hanna powder pigeons, call 216-0214.

Looking For: Straight cab for a Chevy pickup, years 73-79, and 5.3-liter V8 engine call 850-0880.

Give Away: Storm door & aluminum windows, call 870-1003.

For Sale: Peaches/Pears box combined, from the Lions Club, call Don at 870-2426.

August 10, 2017

For Sale: 2005 Chevy Suburban 230k miles, call 872-1174.

For Sale: Nice indoor woodburning stove, call 212-0125.

August 9, 2017

Looking For: 150 or 250cc dirt bike that is solid and runs good, call 308-214-0923.

Give Away: Kimball organ, w/2 keyboards, bass pedals, call 880-0355.

For Sale: Hamilton stand-mixer, 12 speed, manual included, dough hooks, regular beaters, reasonable price, call 643-2307.

For Sale: Lawnmower with 50″ deck, 23hp Kawasaki engine, bagger, & mulcher, call 872-6123 or 870-1204.

Looking For: Tiller control outboard motor, 5 to 15 horsepower, call 870-2556.

For Sale: Rye seed, call 308-872-5592.

August 8, 2017

Give Away: 5 kittens; 2 girls & 3 boys, call 880-0918.

August 7, 2017

Looking For: Sweet corn, a couple of bushels, call 872-5860.

For Sale: Cucumbers, onions, kale, yellow squash, tomatoes, carrots, & zucchini, call 872-5532.

For Sale:  5×7 shed 2×4 frame, vinyl siding, at 1101 So 7th, near the alley, call 870-3205.

For Sale: Glass table top w/heavy glass 42″ diameter, call 872-2904 or 870-1722.

August 4, 2017

Looking For: Used washer, call 870-1013.

August 3, 2017

Found: South Loup jacket with 21 on the back and a guy’s black floral shirt size xx-large. Call 872-6178 to pick these items up.

Lost: A nice black lawn chair at the Ivan Neth Auction on Saturday, sitting near the flatbed while we walked to look at another flatbed. When we returned, it was gone. We think someone must just have accidentally picked it up, thinking it was theirs. If anyone found it after the sale or has it, we would appreciate getting it back. Please call Rolen Sell at 308-202-0136.

For Sale: Toy/Mini Australian Shepherd puppies born on 06.04.17. One Merle male and one Tri-Black male available. Up to date on vaccinations, dewormed, tails docked, dew claws removed, vet checked and well socialized. If interested, leave a message for Michelle @ 308-643-2750 or 308-870-2991.

Looking For: Fresh dill, please call 935-1786.

August 2, 2017

For Sale: A Magic Chef microwave #McD1611W, has had little use, 7 new vinyl, round tablecloths, all different pastel colors, call 308-872-5968.

Looking For: Big round bales of alfalfa or alfalfa/grass mix, call 870-1806.

For Sale: Fresh green beans to can, tomatoes to can, beets, zucchini, sweet corn all to process. If anyone has these items, call or text De Loehr at 308-870-6387.

Give Away: Cucumbers, and for sale pint jars, call 872-5595.

For Sale: 5 pairs of Levi jeans, call 872-2563.


Give Away: Wire hangers, call 870-0781.

For Sale: 2016-Lavender Orpington trio_$100, 2016-Black French Copper Maran trio-$80, 2016-Speckled Sussex trio-$80, 2016-Ameraucana trio-$60, 2016-hens not in trios-Speckled Sussex, Blue Andalusian, Blue Wyandotte, Ameraucana $20, 2016-Rare rooster-Jubilee Orpington $40, 2017 trios-Black Orpington, Blue Orpington, Blue Splash Orpington, Exchequer Leghorn, Mottled Java, and Blue Wyandotte $75, 2017 pullets additional to the trio pullets-Golden Cuckoo Maran-$45, Black, Blue, Blue Splash Orpingtons, Mottled Java , Blue Wyandotte $40 each. Buff Orpington $45, Lavender Orpington $45, 2017-cockerels additional to the trios-Welsummer, Ameraucana, Black French Copper Maran, Cuckoo Maran, Blue Wyandotte, and Mottled Java $10 each. All are free range and healthy. The 2017 cockerels are crowing and very active, and pullets will be laying in about 6 weeks, call or text John at (402)320-0086.

Looking For: Hot peppers; Jalapeños, garden salsa or equivalent. Need around 50 but any amount helps. Need them to be fresh picked 308-325-6514.

Lost: 4 county license plate expires in Oct, call 527-3375 or 215- 0577.

For Sale: Oliver 46 w/loader, call 402-764-0372.