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Have you lost a pet? Maybe you've found an animal. If so, the Pet Patrol is here to help. Below is our most recent listings of pets, both lost and found.

If you've lost a pet or found one, post your listing with the Pet Patrol and get your information seen now!
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Lost: Cat – Garfield

Pet Name: Garfield
Last Seen: Seen him 2:30am Tuesday October 3 in my kitchen sitting at the window looking outside
Wearing Collar: No
Description: Orange Tabby looks like Garfield the Cat

Contact Information
Name: Christina Campbell
Phone: 402-969-0365

Lost: Dog – Moose

Pet Name: Moose
Last Seen: Last seen Saturday evening 3 miles West of Dunbar
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: Male St Bernard

Contact Information
Name: Gail
Phone: (402) 274-8395 or (402) 274-9529

Lost: Dog – Harley

Pet Name: Harley
Last Seen: 09/12/17 two miles east of Brock Ne.
Wearing Collar: No
Description: 11 week old male yellow Lab

Contact Information
Name: Dennis
Phone: 402-274-1112

Lost: St Bernard – Max

Pet Name: Max
Last Seen: East of Hamburg Two weeks ago
Wearing Collar: No
Description: Male 1 year old around 150lbs

Contact Information
Name: Brie Kimpston
Phone: 712-382-1225

Found: Dog – Unknown Pet Name

Pet Name: Unknown Pet Name
Last Seen: 3 miles SE of Peru, Wed 8/16 morning
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: 20 lb, female dog with maroon collar

Contact Information
Name: Ann Yates
Phone: 4024141980

Found: Dogs – Unknown

Pet Name: Unknown
Last Seen: 15th ST and 1st Corso
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: Boxers

Contact Information
Name: Ron Allgood
Phone: 402-209-1354

Found: Kitten – Unknown Pet Name

Pet Name: Unknown Pet Name
Last Seen: Found two miles north of Nebraska City on Highway 75
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: Gray tiger stripe with white paws. Pink collar with pink ball sewed on

Contact Information
Name: Connie
Phone: 402-209-1184

Lost: Cat female – Juwells

Pet Name: Juwells
Last Seen: 410 13th corso
Wearing Collar: No
Description: Gray and black with white paws

Contact Information
Name: Julie
Phone: 4026504783

Lost: DOG – MO-JOE

Pet Name: MO-JOE
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: MINITURE PUG

Contact Information
Phone: 4022748283

Lost: Dog – Bailey

Pet Name: Bailey
Last Seen: June 30 at 7 p.m. Around 66 road and J road in Nebraska City
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: White Irish wolfhound

Contact Information
Name: Shelley yost
Phone: 402.209.7101