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Have you lost a pet? Maybe you've found an animal. If so, the Pet Patrol is here to help. Below is our most recent listings of pets, both lost and found.

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Lost: Dog – Gracie


Pet Name: Gracie
Last Seen: 10 a.m. Tuesday 2/6/19
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: Gold/white Sheltie

Contact Information
Name: Karen Vaughn
Phone: 402-873-3003


Lost: Dog – Max


Pet Name: Max
Last Seen: 1107 s 8 th street
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: Husky11

Contact Information
Name: Cindy bebout
Phone: 402-209-3534


Lost: Dog – Speedie


Pet Name: Speedie
Last Seen: Hwy 105 and 716th Rd
Wearing Collar: No
Description: Black lab / beagle mix dark brown coloring short legs she’s my son’s best friend, very kid friendly

Contact Information
Phone: 4028625684


Lost: Cat – Snowcone


Pet Name: Snowcone
Last Seen: 3 a go
Wearing Collar: No
Description: White

Contact Information
Name: Jennie Hershey
Phone: 402874125


Lost: Dog – Cash


Pet Name: Cash
Last Seen: Auburn, Nebraska
Wearing Collar: No
Description: White Maltese male

Contact Information
Name: Danyel Lewis
Phone: 4024140856


Found: Dog – Unknown Pet Name


Pet Name: Unknown Pet Name
Last Seen: The two were chasing deer behind our house and the hunters brought them to the house so they wouldn’t get shot.
Wearing Collar: Yes
Description: Two German shepherds seem smaller and may be young. One is wearing orange collarIs anyone missing two German Shepard dogs near minersville west of the OPPD plant? We have hunters out and they are seeing these dogs chasing deer in our woods.

Contact Information
Name: Tammy
Phone: 402-209-0747


Lost: Cat – Ruger


Pet Name: Ruger
Last Seen: Syracuse Neb West Manor Apts
Wearing Collar: No
Description: Gray Tabby

Contact Information
Name: James Guilliatt
Phone: 4028052065


Found: Young female cat – ?


Pet Name: ?
Last Seen: Found on a porch on the 11th and 2nd Ave.
Wearing Collar: No
Description: Grey and white tiger striped cat, fairly young. Looks to have had a collar on at one point. Very friendly!

Contact Information
Name: Tara
Phone: 402-310-1692

Light brown 7 Lb. Chihuahua; jumped out of the car at Casey’s, running east.


Contact Hannah Hoch 402-209-3987


Lost: Dog – Primus


Pet Name: Primus
Last Seen: I heard her bark outside my home then a car door then she was gone
Wearing Collar: No
Description: Black lab German shepherd mix, sore on back left side and black spot on tongue

Contact Information
Name: Cassandra behrends
Phone: 4029690482