Auburn Implementing Dogs University, Dogs Academy

AUBURN – Auburn is soon starting a Dogs Academy for the elementary school and Dogs University for the high school.

Program directors Megan Cochran and Kaitlyn Tennant asked the Auburn School Board for approval to implement the tuition-based programs scheduled from school dismissal to 6 p.m.

Cochran, a former Tiny Tots Daycare worker, said the program curriculum is focused on science and math and there is a strong community involvement aspect.

Cochran: “We’re really excited to get the kids involved in the community and get the community involved in helping the kids.”

Tennant, an elementary education major at Peru State College, said the community enrichment program encourages middle school students to go out into the community and brainstorm about a problem that needs to be fixed. They will create a business plan to solve the problem, seek partners and put their plan into action.

Tennant: “We’ll have money designated for them and we’ll have help from Peru State College, Auburn State Bank. So, we’re really getting a community aspect in it and they are also helping the community.

We’ll have a showcase for that at the end of the semester, as well.”

Cochran and Tennant said it’s more than a typical after-school club.

Cochran: “We really want to focus on it not just being a place for them to come and play for three hours after. We’re offering homework help to them, so they don’t have to do it when they get home, and, if they have questions or need help. ”

Full-pay Tuition for the Dogs University and Dogs Academy ranges from $100 a month for one child to $250 a month for three children. Tuition reductions are based on USDA lunch status.

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