Bequettes Solve Escape Room Puzzles to Save Nebraska City

blake with math
Blake Bequette

NEBRASKA CITY – The survival of Nebraska City hinged on the Bequette brain power Wednesday as a capacity crowd gathered for the first test of the escape room at the Morton-James Public Library.

Mayor Bryan Bequette, his wife Kelly and their children were given an hour to decipher clues that would unlock a safe and provide access to an anti-dote needed to reverse a zombie-infection that was part of the escape room’s story line.

Jenny Thoegerson gave last minute instructions.

Jenny Thoegerson: “You can’t Google your way out of this one, so no cell phones. Use the pen and paper provided and the power of your minds. Once the clock starts counting down you will have 60 minutes to open the safe and find the secret anti-dote. If you open the safe and get the anti-dote, you have saved Nebraska City and world.”

The Bequettes solved at least eight puzzles and emerged from the room with four minutes to spare.
They were greeted outside of the door.

Were you able to find the anti-dote?

Kelly and Bryan Bequette: “Yes. We found it. Nebraska City is safe. That was a great escape room. The kids did a great job. That was a lot of fun.”363

Over 100 kids, many who had helped design the escape room, attended a pizza party.
The video above is a clip of what participants will see while trying to solve puzzles and escape the room. It is free of charge to participate.


rasmus w viewer
Thoegeson with room viewer

rasmus ribbon cutting

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