City Council Approves ‘Sweet Summer Afternoon’

NEBRASKA CITY – Nebraska City commissioners gave their approval for the Nebraska City Historical Society to share a “sweet summer afternoon” with the public on Aug. 4.

Plans include music from Midnight Wanderers at the Nelson House and homemade ice cream churned on the spot by an antique engine. This 1900s-style ice cream social from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.  will also feature arts and crafts for the kids.

Museum Association Director Dean Shissler described Sweet Summer Afternoon.

Shissler: “  It’s kind of an early 1900s church ice cream social thing is what it’s supposed to be like. So we have a live band. We have KHN Art Center in their parking lot doing some kids art activities. We’ll have some old antique put-put engines with ice cream makers attached to them actually making the ice cream. So we just needed a bit more room than the 10’ x 15’ backyard of Nelson House to do that in.”

The commissioners also approved a other events including the use of Third Corso for kid’s games by the First Baptist Church and the Civil War Museum’ s request to use the parking spaces in front of their building for the Hunley Submarine Traveling Exhibit.

Commissioners approved the request by the Nebraska City Museum Association for the inclusion of the Wildwood Historical Center in the Super Pass Program which would allow 9 days of unlimited access to all 10 Nebraska City museums. This program is expected to increase revenue by 33 percent and benefit each individual museum that sells passes and the Maintenance and Modernization Fund.

A resolution was signed authorizing the sale of surplus mobile equipment and other property deemed surplus. Easter and Associates will be auctioning these items along with items from the Nebraska City Public Schools on August 4th. Auctions will take place at both the previous central office building on 2nd Ave and at the bus barn located on Steinhart Road at Nebraska City High School.

Ordinance 3009-18 was also adopted, creating a separate violation prohibiting urinating and deficating in public. City Attorney David Partsch said this ordinance was created to clarify the citation an officer was to use when dealing with this type of situation.

Partsch: “We’ve prosecuted similar cases previously. We don’t have an ordinance specifically on point so there’s been citations written in the past for unlawful exposure or even littering in some cases. I don’t believe we have ever really lost a case that I can recall having any real problems with. But some of the officers have asked if we could have something addressing it directly on point so they don’t have to guess what they are writing the citation for. It makes their job a little bit easier. “

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