City of Beatrice Updating Hazard Plan

BEATRICE – The City of Beatrice is in the process of updating the community’s hazard mitigation plan…something that’s critical to receiving Federal Emergency Management grants and reimbursement.

The public had an opportunity yesterday at the Beatrice Public Library to provide input about what the plan should include.

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Beatrice City Administrator Tobias Tempelmeyer says having the plan in place has also helped the city obtain support for removing structures from areas prone to flooding along the Big Blue River.  An example in recent years is the removable of two commercial properties along West Court, not far from the river bridge.

Tempelmeyer says one hazard the city wants to address in the new five-year plan is assessing drainage basins around the community…and places where temporary flooding is a problem.

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Major floods can close off both U.S. Highway routes through Beatrice.  In past years, some discussion has been held about another bridge over the Big Blue River, something Tempelmeyer says is probably less likely because of the cost.

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The city’s past hazard mitigation plan was formulated in 2014.  Such plans assess vulnerability to natural and manmade disasters and identify resources that can reduce the impact of those disasters.  Mitigation examples include storm shelters, storm water management, moving structures from flood zones, providing weather radios and public awareness efforts, among others.

The city’s current hazard mitigation plan shows that sixteen presidential disaster declarations have included the city between the years of 1967 and 2010.  Most of those were due to floods, severe winter snow and ice storms, high winds and tornadoes.

The City of Beatrice is working with J.E.O. Consulting on finalizing an updated hazard mitigation plan.  Most of the consulting cost can be reimbursed, by FEMA. An open house was held at the Beatrice Public Library from four to six p.m. Wednesday, on hazard mitigation.

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