Computer Down at Platte County DMV, Office Cannot Process Renewals or Titles

COLUMBUS, Neb. – If you head to the Platte County DMV to update your license or to get a title for your new car, you may just be out of luck.

The computers have been down at the office since the beginning of the month, after the state updated the computers in all 93 counties.

Since then, the computers have been up and down and Platte County treasurer Jenny Reppert made the call to not perform any motor vehicle services until the system gets up to full speed.

“We just never know when it’s going to go down,” says Reppert.

Therefore anybody that is attempting to renew their license plates, get a new title or renew their driver’s license, cannot do so until the computers get fixed.

Reppert says that the county will waive late fees for anybody that is past due and makes an attempt to pay fees at the DMV. That person would receive a mark from the DMV that would waive the fee.

Reppert says the office will not give out extensions.

This may have left some folks that needed to receive a new vehicle title by early September, now eligible for a ticket and fine if they did not update their information before September.

“They had 30 days before that to come in and do it and now you are delinquent” says Reppert.

The county and the state believe the issue is with the DMV’s internet provider and both are working with the provider for a solution.

Reppert says the DMV has received no complaints about people getting pulled over because they could not update information with the DMV.

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