Eyes On Revenue Committee, For Action on Tax Relief Proposals

BEATRICE – The Nebraska Legislature’s Revenue Committee took testimony Thursday on a bill that would raise the state sales tax rate a half-percent, end several state sales tax exemptions and establish a surtax on high incomes to pay for additional property tax credits and state aid to public schools.

Albion Sen. Tom Briese contends his bill would provide “immediate and substantial” property tax reductions.  He called it a more responsible approach than other proposals that do not generate additional tax revenue.

Executive Director of the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association, Kathy Siefken opposed the bill, saying the tax exemption changes make it too expensive for many small grocers in the state.

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Milford Public Schools Board President Dave Welsch summed up the current problems for his equalized school district.

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Welsch says the current school aid formula doesn’t compensate for the dramatic changes in property tax and state support.

Dennis Schuster, a five-year member of the Lewiston Consolidated School District Board, was among supporters asking the Revenue Committee to advance LB 314 to the floor of the legislature, for debate.

The committee took no immediate action, on the bill.

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