FEMA Administrator Lauds Beatrice Efforts at Flood Hazard Mitigation

FEMA Administrator Lauds Beatrice Efforts at Flood Hazard Mitigation
Dr. Daniel Kaniewski, FEMA Acting Deputy Associate Administrator

BEATRICE – A Federal Emergency Management Agency official from Washington D.C. described the Beatrice effort to mitigate the flood hazard as a “best in class” example of what officials want to see.

:28                  “see real results”

FEMA Acting Deputy Associate Administrator Dr. Daniel Kaniewski  Wednesday toured Beatrice with City Administrator Tobias Tempelmeyer, getting a look at steps that have been taken over several decades to diminish damage from floods like that one that recently affected the city.  That includes purchasing properties to remove homes and businesses out of areas frequently threatened by flooding.

:11                  “of these programs”

Kaniewski says FEMA would like to see more programs where properties are relocated away from areas frequently impacted.   He says it’s in everyone’s best interests, from the standpoint of both local government and citizens surviving disasters.

Kaniewski and a team of FEMA officials were planning to tour harder-hit areas of Nebraska on Wednesday, where losses from flooding have been much more significant.

He says only about 15-percent of American homeowners have flood insurance, but the number is much lower in Nebraska.

:28                  “in the future”

Kanieswski says it’s important for communities to have hazard mitigation plans that are periodically updated.  He says hazards themselves, evolve over time.   Flooding is the most frequent cause of loss, but because it doesn’t happen in Nebraska as often as in coastal areas, citizens may not take the necessary steps to protect against it.

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