Five Rivers RC&D Taking Grant Applications For Weed Management

FALLS CITY – Bobbie Meints of Five Rivers RC&D told Richardson County commissioners Tuesday that extra funds are available for the weed management grant.

Over the last seven years, the grant program has helped fight noxious weeds on about 21,000 acres. It usually receives 50 applications a year, but has not had funds to assist every landowners.

She said it is important that everyone works together to eradicate evasive species and preserve native grasslands.

Meints: “We could have one landowner who goes out there everyday, even hand picks weeds if that is what it takes to make sure that his pasture is clean and we’re preserving those native grasslands. However, if his farmer right across the fence isn’t doing that, then what he is doing doesn’t really matter.”

The Nebraska Environmental Trust has provided $40,000 this year, about $10,000 more than in previous years.

Meints said the grant is not specific to any type of weed, but says priority is given to known invaders such as sericea lespedeza, garlic mustard, old world blue stem and cutleaf.

She said the grant will pay up to 75 percent of spraying costs.

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