Housing Study Provides Needed Step Towards Solving Housing Issue

COLUMBUS – Columbus City Administrator Tara Vasicek says some exciting things are in the works, when it comes to local housing, and the housing study was a needed component.

RDG Planning and Design’s Amy Haase provided the housing study results at Monday night’s city council meeting, and Vasicek says this will give them the ability to show developers proof that Columbus needs more development.  Haase said the local population has seen steady growth, but roughly 104 to 124 housing units would need to be built annually to meet the current need.

“There are a lot of people that are coming into my office, and talking about developing housing, and variety of types of housing. I’m really excited to have this in hand, so that we can proceed with those things,” says Vasicek.

Columbus has shown a higher population growth than similar communities, such as Norfolk, Fremont, and North Platte, and Haase says that growth could potentially be higher, due to a back log of people being unable to find housing in the local area.

Vasicek says at this time she can’t go into details, but says some solutions appear to be on the horizon.

“I think in the next couple months, their will be things coming forward, that Columbus hasn’t seen in awhile, or hasn’t seen at all that will start to address the housing issues,” says Vasicek.

The study also pointed out specific areas that are good for new development, neighborhood conservation, as well as places that could use redevelopment and stability.

The northwestern portion of the city was listed as an area ready for new development, while portions of southern and east Columbus showed a need for redevelopment or conservation.

The full results from the study will be available to look through on the City of Columbus website.


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