Lawsuit Seeks To Void Alvo Action Against Rescue Volunteers

ALVO – A Cass County judge is being asked to void the Alvo Village Board’s action against members of the rescue squad.

A lawsuit claims the village board did not comply with state open meeting laws on Oct. 21, when members voted to terminate Leslie Krings of Greenwood and Mike Krass of Elmwood and to suspend Dave and Karen Morgan of Alvo. The action followed a 14-minute closed session in an emergency meeting.

Dave Morgan, also a member of the fire department and member of the village board, was not in attendance at the emergency meeting.

The board agreed to re-key locks and freeze the assets of the rescue squad.

The lawsuit claims that no emergency existed to make it necessary to create an agenda and hold a meeting in less than 24 hours. It says the closed session was not needed to protect the interest of the public and the village board failed to properly state its purpose for the closed session.

It also says the volunteers were not given an opportunity to have the meeting held in open session.

Morgan was ordered to return his fire department equipment to board member and Fire Chief Ben Glantz, who is the village’s water system operator.

The village filed an answer denying allegations in the complaint and saying the defendant’s own conduct bars them from asserting the violations in the complaint.

Minutes of the October meeting also discuss a recall of Morgan. The village website on Dec. 28, puts a question mark beside Morgan’s name in a list of board members.

Morgan remains listed as rescue captain and Karen Morgan remains listed on the health board.

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