New Technology Preparing Columbus Students for Strong Careers

COLUMBUS – Thanks to some help from local professionals, CCC, and new technology at CHS, students will be well equipped for high paying jobs right out the gate.

Columbus High has new, and advanced, milling equipment that could help get students on the right path to fill the high paying jobs right here in town.

Larry Stuchl has been with Vishay for 36 years, and says it is important to show the local students the great opportunities they have right here at home. Stuchl says every industry in Columbus is in need of machinists.

“You get out into the industry, you aren’t going to start for under $13 an hour, it’s going to go up from there. Some of your high paying mold maker, dye maker, machinist positions are $25 and up,” says Stuchl.

CHS students spent Thursday and Friday at Central Community College learning about the machines and how to operate different types of computer programs and equipment. CCC Educator Leon Finecy says the learning they can do at the two schools is a huge value to the community.

“This is big. It’s very important. We’re needing more people in this area of work, and we need more people into this program. So we’re partnering with Columbus High School so that these kids can transfer from Columbus High School with some college credit. They’re doing dual credit right now,” says Finecy.

Daniel Jacinto is one of CHS Instructor Tracy Dodon’s students, and says he sees a lot of value in what they’re learning.

“It’s been a good learning opportunity. We learned programming yesterday, so that we could come out today and program the machines,” says Jacinto. “There’s a lot of good opportunities to learn here at the college, and I think it might prepare a few of the students here for future jobs that they might be interested in.”




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