Plattsmouth City Hall Closes 15 Minutes Earlier

PLATTSMOUTH  — If you want to pay your water bill face-to-face in the city of Plattsmouth, you may need to go to city hall sooner than you planned starting next month.

Plattsmouth City Hall will be closing is doors at 4:45 p.m. rather than 5 p.m. starting Nov. 1.

Council members voted to allow staff to close city hall at 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday, so they can ensure vital procedures can be completed before they leave each day.

City Administrator Erv Portis said it’s not unusual for someone to need a transaction done or advice from an employee two minutes before closing.

Portis: “We have always had a policy for safety reasons that there can never be  just one person in the building.”

Initially, the council considered closing city hall one-half hour early Monday through Friday. Staff, however, was concerned that this would not allow people getting off work enough time to get their business done at city hall. Council members agreed to closing city hall 15 minutes rather than 30 minutes earlier to accommodate area residents.

The issue came to a crux when a person threatened employees with their lives after they had closed at 5 p.m., locked the doors and were walking to their vehicles to go home.

Plattsmouth Mayor Paul Lambert: “Our employees, after being threatened, came back in here and finished that transaction. I don’t think I would have done that.”

Portis said the auditor was concerned about employees not having ample time to balance their drawers after a day of transactions when people continue to bring payments up to closing time.

City officials agreed to give a 30-day prior notice before making the change.

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