Police Report: ‘Suspicious Package’ Sent to Unicam Hopeful

Police Report: ‘Suspicious Package’ Sent to Unicam Hopeful
Mina Davis Files "Suspicious Package" Report with Omaha Police

Omaha, NE.—So much for the joy of the season.

This Christmas found two Nebraskans, one from each political party, harassed at their homes.

First there were reports of vulgar signs left in Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry’s front yard in Lincoln.

Davis: People More Malicious in “Age of Trump”

Now News Channel Nebraska has learned that Democrat Mina Davis filed a police report on Christmas regarding a “glitter bomb” sent priority mail from a post office box in Georgia to her midtown Omaha apartment.

She says the glitter stashed inside a second plain-white envelope didn’t cause much of a mess but told police it “may be the start of hate mail or something more serious” as she makes her bid for the Legislature in District 8.

Davis tells NCN, “I’m a young woman of color….It’s the age of Trump and people have gotten much more malicious to express their displeasure.”

Fortenberry, who represents the First Congressional District, was targeted with a pair of signs sprinkled with political and profane comments.

“My first thought was concern for my children,” said Fortenberry. “This is hate speech. It is rage and violence through vandalism.”

According to KOLN-TV, a report was filed with Lincoln Police. This was the second time this year, anti-Fortenberry signs showed up on his lawn.

Davis is seeking the Unicameral seat held by State Sen. Burke Harr who is term limited and cannot run for reelection.

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