Raybould: Fischer Corrupt. Fischer: Same Old, Same Old.

Omaha, NE.— In a state that knows its football Jane Raybould has thrown a political Hail Mary, a play Deb Fischer says she’s seen before.

Will it work? The refs are reviewing it. (See Joe Jordan’s Full Video Report Above).

Hoping for a Senate debate knock out, in what looks like the only debate she’ll get, Democrat Raybould accused incumbent Fischer of “corruption”, that’s right corruption:

Raybould: Your estimated net worth as reported on your Senate finance (statement) has escalated from $300,000 to over $4 million since you’ve been with the Senate. A U.S. Senator makes $174,000 a year. You owe an explanation to Nebraskans on how you got so rich.
Fischer: The filing of forms, the date you file them, a lot can depend on what happens in that time. You can buy things, you can sell things. Your cash flow changes.
Raybould: We submitted a letter to the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate.

Fischer: The Senate Ethics Committee approves every single year my financial statement. They look at it thoroughly, there is nothing questionable about it.

Six years ago when Fischer was running against former Senator Bob Kerrey, Kerrey called Fischer a “welfare rancher” and accused her of misusing the family’s grazing rights on thousands of acres of federal land. He also said she was a “bad neighbor” for suing an elderly couple in a dispute over ownership of more than 100 acres along the scenic Snake River. Kerrey suggested Fischer had used her influence in the state legislature to try to bar the couple from later selling the land in question to the state.

Fischer called the attacks a “transparent act of desperation” and she went on the defeat Kerrey 58-42.

Fischer says Raybould’s attacks won’t work either.

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