Restrictions On Street Parking Stall At Falls City

FALLS CITY – A move to restrict parking on residential streets in Falls City stalled at Monday’s city council meeting.

The city council reacted to a recent report that a fire truck could not proceed down a street because cars were parked on both sides.

Councilman Derrick Leyden said the incident is concerning, but parking restrictions throughout the city could create unnecessary hardships.

Leyden: “There’s a lot of people, especially in my ward, that don’t have driveways. I don’t want to be the one that has an elderly person carrying groceries a half a block or a young mother trying to carry kids in the snow and rain because all the parking it taken up in front of their house.”

Councilwoman Kaylie Ractliffe said most streets are over 25 feet wide, leaving room for a 10-foot wide emergency vehicle if cars are properly parked on both sides.

She said there is not enough room on streets that are not at least 22 feet wide.

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