Still Some Winter Left, For Beatrice Street Crew Members

BEATRICE –  The City of Beatrice Street Department is doing well on remaining supplies of salt, sand and liquid de-icer, as it plows through another winter season.

Street Superintendent Jason Moore says this season has been marked by generally smaller snowfall events, but very cold temperatures.

:21                  “pretreat the streets”

The city’s supply of material is stored at a central location…a storage building located along Grant Street, between 2nd and 4th Streets.

Moore says the department uses liquid de-icer to melt snow and ice from the bottom up, as opposed to salt, which melts ice and snow from the top, down.

There’s more to clearing city streets than simply using a blade or randomly dropping some material.   Trucks are calibrated to tell drivers what speed to travel, and what gear to use and the proper RPM level.

:27                  “and be done”

Salt placement is important, because each grain can only melt a small area.  Moore says the key is trying to get those melting areas to overlap, to efficiently clear streets.

Moore says he wishes winter was over, but there’s likely some more snow and ice to come.

:25                  “keep ‘em busy”

Over the weekend, the Beatrice area picked up nearly two inches of snow from the latest round of winter weather.

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