Syracuse Council Receives Park, Emergency Services Requests

SYRACUSE – The Syracuse City Council budget discussion Wednesday includes new pole lights between the soccer field and ballfield at a cost of about $1,000 per pole.

Security cameras at the pool and $3,000 to replace helmets for the fire department are also considered.

The rescue squad is requesting a motorized transport vehicle known as a  mule. The vehicle would be used as a standby for crowd control and football games.

Tim Wilson felt that this would be a great addition and help to the Rescue Squad.

There is a private donor that is going to donate $8,000 for a dog run for the city of Syracuse.

The parks department is wanting to add bleachers and an equipment shed at the new sand volleyball court.

A squirrel laid across three lines of a power pole causing an outage in the Midland Mohawk and Walnut street areas last Saturday at 10 a.m.

Jeff Vogt of the utilities said the equipment worked like intended to prevent a black out over the entire town.

The budget this year will be affected by the decrease in keno funds. Revenue for a  typical year  would be around $20,000 and the  city is projecting less than $16,000 for this budget year.

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