Syracuse Hosting Robotic Knee Surgery Seminar

The NAVIO system allows us to give patients their lives back

- Strasburger

SYRACUSE – Syracuse Area Health is hosting a seminar that highlights a robotic system for knee replacement surgery.

Lincoln surgeon Dr. Scott Strasburger will lead the NAVIO seminar from 6 to 7 p.m. on Feb. 7 and discuss the ramifications for knee surgery patients.

Strasburger: “Traditional surgical methods are technically very challenging, requiring precise positioning of tools throughout the surgery and the implant placement process. The accuracy of the placement procedure affects the ultimate outcome – in other words, the mobility the patient has after the surgery.”

The NAVIO system works in conjunction with a skilled surgeon to precisely position the knee implant based on each patient’s unique anatomy. Throughout each surgery, Dr. Strasburger receives constant updates delivered from the NAVIO system to the robotics-assisted handpiece used during the procedure.

The real time patient-specific data provided allows the damaged surfaces of the knee to be precisely removed without damaging adjacent bone or tissue, and helps to position the implant with extreme precision for better joint balance and increased mobility.

Strasburger: “The advanced surgical technique that NAVIO robotic assistance provides lets us deliver a higher level of accuracy and precision, since we can fully map the knee joint in advance and create the entire surgical plan based on extremely precise data.

Strasburger: “There’s no need to keep suffering with knee pain. The NAVIO system allows us to give patients their lives back, with less pain, a more normal feeling knee joint, and a faster rehabilitation than was formerly available.”

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