Township Representatives Told of Possible Tax Impact, in Beatrice Six Case

Township Representatives Told of Possible Tax Impact, in Beatrice Six Case
Gage County Township officials, at annual association meeting

BEATRICE –  Gage County officials acknowledge they’ve receive calls from citizens asking about selling or buying a house, or what to do with property, anticipating an adverse ruling in the so-called Beatrice Six case.

Gage County is awaiting a decision from a panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, on the county’s challenge of a more than $28 million civil judgment against the county.

Gage County Board Chairman Myron Dorn told representatives of the Gage County Township Association last night, there’s no ruling on the appeal, yet.

:33                  “general area, now”

To this date, Gage County has spent about $1.75 million in legal fees associated with the case.   Dorn says just about anything could happen, from the panel affirming the judgment, to throwing it out entirely.

Dorn says legal judgments don’t factor into a county 2.5% spending limitation.

:27                  “322-thousand”

Dorn says if the county ends up owing the full amount of the judgment, it would take ten to twelve years to pay it off, considering interest.

:10                  “it comes to that”

A quarter section of farm ground valued at $5,000 per acre…. at 70% of full market value…multiplied by the 12-cents additional levy… would mean an extra $650 to $675 in taxes.

:25                  “be paying”

Gage County is also challenging insurance company denial of any claims responsibility associated with the judgment.  Dorn says that issue is also yet to be settled.

The township association held their spring meeting at the Gage County Extension office, Thursday night.  Representatives from 17 of Gage County’s 24 townships, attended.  The meeting covered topics such as road and bridge projects planned this year, road material supply and hauling, emergency response and 911 addressing, among other things.

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