Five tips for catching catfish this summer

Five tips for catching catfish this summer
Catfish are more active in hot weather, which makes summer the perfect time to land them. (World-Herald News Service)

Fishing for catfish is a summer tradition for many families. Invite someone new to go along this year to share the fun.

“Catfish are more active in hot weather,” said Daniel Vogeler, Iowa DNR fisheries technician. They are biting in streams of any size, in all lakes and many farm ponds.

Here are some tips:

1. Bring along two coolers with ice, one to keep your bait firm and fresh and another to keep your catch cold and preserve the taste.

2. Catfish have a great sense of smell and taste. Try prepared dip baits, chicken livers, minnows or chubs, green sunfish, bluegill, crawdads, frogs, nightcrawlers or dead but fresh gizzard shad.

3. Lakes stratify, or form layers, this time of year, with cool, oxygen-deprived waters sinking to the bottom. Do not fish in water deeper than 8 to 10 feet.

4. Look for areas with vegetation, brush piles or rock. Fish the upper ends of the larger reservoirs where the water is shallower and baitfish like gizzard shad gather. Use baits fished on the bottom or suspended off the bottom with a bobber and let the current or breeze move the bait to find active catfish.

5. A lot of rivers are loaded with catfish. Look for fish around downed trees and brush piles, but don’t overlook rock piles or other objects that deflect water and form a current seam. Position your bait just upstream of brush piles so the scent of the bait is carried downstream into the structure to draw the catfish out. Anchor the bait with a heavy weight so it doesn’t drift into snags. If fishing big rivers, try upstream and on the tips of wing dikes and wing dams.



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