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Hunter Arterburn

Hunter Arterburn @TheBurnRadio
Morning Show Host

I still remember the night I wanted to become involved in broadcasting. I was watching the 1997 NCAA National Football Championship game between the Tennessee Volunteers and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I've always had an interest in sports since I can remember, including football. While my parents watched from the comfort of the family room couch, I settled underneath our dining room table with a marker board propped against the legs. Instead of listening to Sean McDonough call the game on ABC with his color commentator Terry Donahue, I decided, like any third-grade child, to play "pretend." I imagined I was in McDonough's place, calling the championship game and even keeping score on my marker board. It was then, watching the Huskers beat Peyton Manning and the Volunteers, I knew I wanted to to get involved in radio. ​ After graduating from Sidney High School, I went on to major in broadcasting, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and a minor in Business Administration at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. Having big radio dreams early, I applied for my first radio job in the sixth grade at KSID in my hometown of Sidney, NE. Too young to join the staff then, I waited and did other jobs like any other kid, bagging groceries and mowing lawns. During my junior year in high school, I joined KSID and have been in radio ever since. After my time at KSID, I moved to Nebraska City in June 2014 to begin working at Flood Digital Networks. Outside the studio, I am active in and around the community. I enjoy the great outdoors, including hunting, fishing and camping. I enjoy playing, attending and watching sporting events, especially baseball. A new personal challenge I have taken on is half-marathon running, resuming my running career from high school. I'm a major beach bum, heading to Lake McConaughy near Ogallala, Neb., every chance I get, summer and winter. Family is everything to me. I try and visit my parents and two younger brothers as often as I can. Learn more about me by visiting my website at You can also follow me on Twitter, Snapchat and on Instagram, @TheBurnRadio.