Tornadoes target Fremont County

Fremont County, Iowa, was at the heart of one of the most widely seen and videoed tornadoes Tuesday afternoon. The roofs of two houses outside of Farragut, north of Highway 2, were ripped... Read More

SHENANDOAH, Iowa  — Dee Ossian’s voice trembled as she recounted the frightening moments when an apparent tornado snatched her grandchildren and sent them tumbling across the yard. Ossian and the two boys, Lincoln Osborne, 12, ... Read More

GENOA - The community of Genoa came together in an effort to cleanup damage left by a heavy wind storm Tuesday night. A storm made it's way all the way across the state Tuesday, starting in western Nebraska and moving east. Genoa was hit during th... Read More

SHENANDOAH, IA - Trained weather spotters have reported five tornadoes in southwest Iowa Wednesday afternoon. The first tornado was reported northeast of Sidney. Spotters observed another tornado descend to the ground west of Shenandoah. At 4:22 ... Read More

LYONS - After three decades in service to the U.S. Military, Col. Kirk Slaughter is home. Slaughter was laid to rest in a funeral in his hometown of Lyons on Wednesday. The Col. was killed in an accident involving a fishing boat while he was on le... Read More

BEATRICE - Thanks to a gift from the National Geographic Society, kids in Beatrice got to learn more about how to read a map and what Nebraska looks like. Each state has received two 10x20 foot Giant Traveling Maps to send around for research on ... Read More

NORFOLK — Nebraska is one public forum closer to learning the fate of the Keystone XL Pipeline. On Wednesday, The Nebraska Public Service Commission held a public hearing at Divot’s Conference Center. Hundreds turned out to give their input... Read More

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The governor of Nebraska met with President Donald Trump on Wednesday to discuss energy. Gov. Pete Ricketts met with the president Wednesday in an energy roundtable according to an afternoon tweet from the Republican governor. ... Read More

AUBURN - Nemaha County’s new 4-H assistant says a sense of community characterizes the county fair and Nemaha County 4-H. Nancy Hunt, who earned a degree in elementary education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a masters in human deve... Read More

DAVID CITY - The Butler County Sheriff's Office says David City residents will be seeing scheduled power outages on Thursday. The sheriff's office posted on Facebook that everyone east of 11th Street, including some on 10th, will see scheduled pow... Read More