Eclipse helped deliver nice sales boost to businesses across Nebraska

State tourism officials estimate that hundreds of thousands of visitors viewed the eclipse in Nebraska, a count that businesses say helped deliver a potent boost in sales. “Sunday we go... Read More

Clouds Part Moments Before Totality At Tecumseh

TECUMSEH - Many have planned for years for the Great American Eclipse that cut through Nebraska on Monday, but there was timely tension and great surprise when the sun first burst through clouds at Tecumseh and then subsided behind the moon. Rain ... Read More

A Look at Broken Bow's Eclipse

Here's a time-lapsed look at totality from Broken Bow on Monday....... Read More

Eclipse updates: Best chance for clear skies for viewing? Nebraska Panhandle; drivers urged to watch for cinder blocks on roads

Forecasters are predicting a break in overnight precipitation activity this morning, with chances for additional rain returning to eastern Nebraska and southwest Iowa this afternoon. The morning showers and thunderstorms could leave some signi... Read More

Farm to Fork Dinner Hosted On The Path Of Local Foods

NEBRASKA CITY - Over 100 diners gathered in the middle of street in downtown Nebraska City Sunday for a meal dedicated to the region’s local foods and highlighted by local personalities. Co-organizer Jeanna Stavas said there was great weather an... Read More

'The nerdiest of the nerds' are already in Nebraska, setting up camp for eclipse

ALLIANCE, Neb. — The hordes are coming. From north, east, south and west, all roads in the realm appeared to lead to Nebraska during the weekend as hundreds of thousands of people arrived by plane, train and automobile to view a total ... Read More

So what would happen if you looked at the eclipse without those special glasses?

So what’s really going to happen if you look at the solar eclipse without special viewing glasses? Though your eyes won’t melt, fry or fall out if you skip the specialized shades, you are at risk for doing serious — and potentially permanent... Read More

Palmyra fisherman Connor Marcoe breaks state catfish record

After a lifetime of hunting and fishing, it didn’t even rank in Connor Marcoe’s top 10. The 24-year-old Palmyra bow fisherman recently shot a state record flathead catfish weighing 55 pounds. It was about 46 inches in length. ... Read More

Visitors Enjoy State Parks While Waiting for Solar Eclipse

INDIAN CAVE STATE PARK - Local hotels aren't the only facilities available for visitors to book. Many explorers have packed up their tents and hauled their campers to Nebraska in anticipation of viewing the Solar Eclipse. Indian Cave State Park wa... Read More

How Will Monday's Eclipse Affect Animals?

LINCOLN - Are you wondering how some animals will react to Monday's eclipse? News Channel Nebraska spoke with Natural Heritage Zoologist  Mike Fritz at Nebraska Game and Parks on what could happen to some species during the couple minutes of darknes... Read More

Closing Out Games is the Goal for Pawnee City this Season

PAWNEE CITY - In the second year under Head Coach Scott Brumbaugh, Pawnee City has a pretty straightforward goal. "Just have to be able to finish out games. We weren't good at that last year, so we have to do that this year," said Senior Andrew Da... Read More