Biscuits and Gravy with a Side of Tax Reform

BROKEN BOW--Income tax and property tax continue to be some of the primary concerns for Nebraska, as discussed at Tuesday’s annual legislative forum at the Bonfire Grill. The breakfast table conv... Read More

Garfields Hold Run During Adoption Process

FAIRBURY - What started as a dream certainly could become a reality for Derek and Stephanie Garfield. In partnership with the annual FCCLA Fun Run, all funds that were raised went directly toward the Garfields' effort to adopt a child. Angie Dr... Read More

Villagers Feed Cobra Snake Bottled Water

NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA -- In the world of weird news, villagers in India confronted a cobra snake that was in search of water. Cobra snakes have enough venom to kill 20 people....... Read More

Pope's skullcap snatched by playful Atlanta girl

NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA -- A 3-year-old Atlanta girl went viral after she had an unforgettable interaction with Pope Francis on Wednesday....... Read More

Icy Weather Affects Beatrice Both In Town And On Highways

Our Doug Kennedy discusses how the City of Beatrice prepares for weather, and what highways to avoid....... Read More

Severe Weather Update From News Channel Nebraska's Lauren Hubka

Our Lauren Hubka was out mid-morning giving an update to warn people about side streets and parking lots....... Read More

Icy Conditions and Sliding Cars in Northern Kansas

MARYSVILLE - As you can see from the above video, the icy conditions are making travel on local roadways very difficult in northern Kansas and southern Nebraska. News Channel Nebraska's Elise Waller and Jay Hannah were driving between 5 to 10 mph ... Read More