Local Sale Barn Continues to Move Economy Forward

BROKEN BOW—When driving through the Sandhills it can be easy to forget that there are approximately 90,000 more cows than people living in our area. Custer County ranks second as a top beef cow coun... Read More

Problematic Flu Strain Makes Its Way to Nebraska

OMAHA - This year, Nebraska has recorded eight flu-related deaths from an influenza strain that has made its way from Australia. Meanwhile in Iowa, a total of six influenza-related deaths have been reported since October and health officials say the ... Read More

Cold Weather Returning to Winter Olympics?

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea - While the 2014 Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia set records for their warm temperatures, athletes and fans alike will likely see a more seasonal weather pattern for this February's event. Watch the video here....... Read More

Moving Day at the Broken Bow Library

BROKEN BOW—Today marks the beginning of the end for the Public Library! After more than nine months in a temporary location, the library staff and volunteers are taking advantage of this nice weather and beginning the moving process. Library Dir... Read More

Lottery Jackpots Over $800 Million Ahead of Tuesday, Wednesday Draws

So, you're saying there's a chance. A nearly 1-in-250,000,000 chance, but those are the odds you could win Tuesday night's Mega Millions jackpot, which is over $360 million. The odds are even longer for Wednesday's Powerball drawing, with a jackpo... Read More


NORFOLK - While records were set throughout Nebraska, it's been very cold throughout most of the country as well with abnormally chilly temperatures spanning from Arkansas to Boston, Washington D.C., and most of the Midwest that have created dangerou... Read More


LOS ANGELES, California - The latest chapter in the Star Wars saga is about to hit theaters across the world later this week, with the early reviews very positive for "The Last Jedi" after it was screened by critics. The film is expected to gross ove... Read More

Rare Snowfall Hits Southern United States

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Frigid temperatures behind a cold front combined with moisture off the Gulf of Mexico have yielded a rare snowfall in many parts of South and Southeast Texas. The National Weather Service reports snow from San Antonio into Eas... Read More

Georgia Dome Implosion Draws Large Audience

ATLANTA - The Georgia Dome came tumbling down in Atlanta this morning with the world looking on, including cameras set up from The Weather Channel. However, their cameras weren't exactly in the best spot once the implosion started. Watch the vi... Read More

Villagers Feed Cobra Snake Bottled Water

NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA -- In the world of weird news, villagers in India confronted a cobra snake that was in search of water. Cobra snakes have enough venom to kill 20 people....... Read More

Pope's skullcap snatched by playful Atlanta girl

NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA -- A 3-year-old Atlanta girl went viral after she had an unforgettable interaction with Pope Francis on Wednesday....... Read More