On-Air Staff

Dan Swanson

Dan Swanson
News Director  dan@newschannelnebraska.com

My friends growing up in Otoe, Neb., urged me to seek a radio job, but it took me three decades to find the right opportunity. I got my journalism degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and began work at the Nebraska City News-Press in 1988. I received the city's Tree Planter award for work at Riverview Nature Park and received Nebraska Press Associ... Read More

Clint Leifeld

Clint Leifeld @CJLeifeld
Production Director / B103 Afternoon Host  clint@b103.fm

Oh, hey! I didn't see you there... My name is Clint. I'm originally from Albion, Nebraska, but moved to Newman Grove before I graduated high school.. So I guess technically I have 2 hometowns. I attended Northeast Community College in Norfolk and graduated, somehow, with my degree in Broadcasting. I have been obsessed with country music ever since my grandpa introd... Read More

Elise Waller

Elise Waller @elisewallerTV
NCN 21 Television  elise@newschannelnebraska.com

Elise Waller is originally from the Detroit, MI area, graduating from Harry S. Truman High School in Taylor, MI and recently graduated from Adrian College in May of 2015 with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Media Arts and Journalism. Waller is a well-rounded reporter - with having experiences as executive editor and writer of the College World Newspaper, ... Read More

Jay Hannah

Jay Hannah @JayHannah15
NCN 21 Television  jay@newschannelnebraska.com

I was born in a little town in Ohio called Cygnet, and by little I mean 600 people. Growing up there, I followed sports on a daily basis. After watching the NCAA Tournament when I was in 8th grade, I knew that I wanted to cover sports. Now, I get to do news and sports, which is an added bonus! After attending Elmwood High School, I went on to Adrian College in Adrian,... Read More

Jon Kipper

Jon Kipper @jonnykip21
Falls City News Bureau Chief / NCN 21 Television  jkipper@newschannelnebraska.com

Hey, everybody! My name is Jon Kipper and I report both news and sports, as well announce sports in southeast Nebraska. I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska and ever since I was in grade school I knew I wanted to do something sports related for a career. I graduated from Pius X in 2011. After high school, I went to the other side of town to attend University of ... Read More

Michael J Anthony

Michael J Anthony @MichaelJRadio
B103 Evening Host  michaelanthony@newschannelnebraska.com

Michael was born in one place, grew up in a few other places, and now lives in this place! He doesn’t care for self summaries, but would mostly describe himself through the use of several ambiguous but positive adjectives. He loves music, sports, movies, good food, long walks in the park, puppies, roller-disco and he’s a Taurus.... Read More

Hunter Arterburn

Hunter Arterburn @TheBurnRadio
Director of Operations / B103 Midday Host  hunter@newschannelnebraska.com

Born in Omaha and raised in Sidney, Nebraska, I moved to Nebraska City in June 2014. I've had an interest in radio since elementary school and, having big dreams early, I applied for my first radio job at KSID in Sidney when I was in the 6th grade. Too young to join the staff then, I waited and did other jobs like any other kid, bagging groceries and mowing lawns.... Read More

Keith Andrews

Keith Andrews
B103 Morning Show Host  keith@b103.fm

I'm awake! I was just checking my eyelids for holes! I'm Keith Andrews, the overnight guy. My broadcast career began when CD's were just starting to make their debut. I graduated from the Academy of Radio Broadcasting and Television in early 1989 and was already working at two radio stations; KAVC 105.5 FM and KHJJ AM 1380. I set a goal of getting into the Los Angel... Read More

Kix Brooks

Kix Brooks @KixBrooks
Host of American Country Countdown  production@b103.fm

Born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, Kix Brooks was influenced by a variety of regional musical styles ranging from Cajun to Blues to Jazz to Country. Brooks began performing at age 12, then continued performing in clubs and at other venues throughout high school. He also began writing songs at that time. Eventually he landed in Nashville, where he joined Tree... Read More


Geo @realgeo
Weekends / Board Op  realgeo@gmail.com

Yes, that's my name - different, but true! Thanks for stopping by! Many years ago... in a County not so far away... I was bitten by the broadcasting bug after being interviewed as a participant in the Greater Nebraska Science and Engineering Fair! I was fascinated hearing myself talk about my project on the radio and from that point forward, I wanted to be on the radi... Read More

Shannon Griffey

Shannon Griffey
Weekends / Board Op  shannon@newschannelnebraska.com

Hey! What up, peeps? My name is Shannon Schram, your resident board op and "fill in wherever needed" girl at B103. I've spent the entirety of my eighteen years living in Nebraska City. I was raised on the farm, so naturally, country music holds a special place in my heart. I have a passion for everything music. After graduating high school in the spring of 2014, I... Read More