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Clint Leifeld

Clint Leifeld @CJLeifeld
Production Director / B103 Afternoon Host  clint@b103.fm

Oh, hey! I didn't see you there... My name is Clint. I'm originally from Albion, Nebraska, but moved to Newman Grove before I graduated high school.. So I guess technically I have 2 hometowns. I attended Northeast Community College in Norfolk and graduated, somehow, with my degree in Broadcasting. I have been obsessed with country music ever since my grandpa introduced me to it before I could even walk and that was the main reason I got into this whole Radio DJ thing. Well that, and listening to Paul Harvey everyday on the way to school growing up.. I always wanted a job like his. I've also been to over 75 concerts in my short 23 years on planet earth (Eric Church & George Strait being the best). Pretty much just a small town kid that loves sports, country music, and gravel roads..… 'Merica. I'm excited to meet new people down here in River Country and I'm looking forward to see how this side of the state gets it done!