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Clint Leifeld

Clint Leifeld @CJLeifeld
Evening Host  clint@b103.fm

Oh, hey! I didn't see you there... My name is Clint. I'm originally from Albion, Nebraska, but moved to Newman Grove before I graduated high school.. So I guess technically I have 2 hometowns. I attended Northeast Community College in Norfolk and graduated, somehow, with my degree in Broadcasting. I have been obsessed with country music ever since my grandpa introduced me to it before I could even walk and that was the main reason I got into this whole Radio DJ thing. Well that, and listening to Paul Harvey everyday on the way to school growing up.. I always wanted a job like his. I've also been to over 75 concerts in my short 23 years on planet earth (Eric Church & George Strait being the best). Pretty much just a small town kid that loves sports, country music, and gravel roads..… 'Merica.